Wellesley AAR Program

Thank you for volunteering to support Wellesley's Office of Admission as an Alumnae Admission Representative! We appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for Wellesley, and we look forward to working with you!
It's hard to believe how quickly the summer flew by, but the class of 2018 is already here and classes have begun! The 2014-2015 academic year has started, and soon the admission staff will be traveling all over the globe, recruiting members of the class of 2019.
Here's what's happening in the AAR world right now...
  • We are finalizing our fall travel season and contacting local Wellesley clubs in cities where we will be hosting Parent Student Gatherings.
  • College fairs are in full swing; Caryn Wood has been sending out lists of fairs to cover and materials for the alums who will attend. AARs are assigning volunteers or going themselves to represent Wellesley.
  • We are looking ahead to fall interviews for Early Decision applicants. Alums around the world are getting in touch with us and their clubs to see how they can get involved, and are registering as interviews. Soon, we will begin forwarding requests to alums to schedule.
  • We are still rounding up the last AAR registrations from various regions. Remember, even if you are a returning AAR, you still need to re-register online so we have a full, up-to-date list. If someone new is replacing you, or you need help finding a replacement, please be in touch.

Registration can be found at http://tinyurl.com/AARregistration

As always, if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, don't hesitate to be in touch!