We are proud to welcome the Class of 2019 to Wellesley!

Orientation for our newest students will take place at the end of August.  Most new students will be able to move into their residence halls starting at 8am on Monday, August 24 (international student pre-orientation begins on Friday, August 21, and some new student athletes will move in before August 24 as well).  To help you get ready to arrive, these pages contain important information about how new students begin their time at Wellesley College.  All infomration here will be updated for the Class of 2019 by June 5, and in the meantime, anyone interested in Wellesley may have some questions about us, and these pages may help (click the question to find some answers). Maybe you're wondering....

What will Orientation be like?

Do I have all the financial information I need ... even beyond paying tuition?

What do I need to know about starting my academic career?

What kind of technology is in place at Wellesley and what will I need?

Is there anything special I should know as a student from another country?

How do I get involved in community service?