Tanner celebrates the relationship between the liberal arts classroom and student participation in an increasingly diverse and interdependent world.

Tanner Conference 2015

Presentations begin at 9:15 a.m. and run through 4:10 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, October 27th at the Wellesley College Science Center.

Please be sure to visit the to access the online scheduler to create a schedule (and to access the mobile version too if you have a tablet or smartphone). Read up on the presentations and plot your course from point to interesting point throughout the day.

  Tandora: http://cs.wellesley.edu/Tandora/  TBA

  TannerMobile: http://cs.wellesley.edu/tm  TBA

In order to support the Tanner Conference’s mission to reflect upon and share your experiences, the CWS has created the hashtag #TBA that can be use on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We would like to encourage you to start using this hashtag right away!

Tanner staff will be livestreaming via our social media accounts throughout the day to help share these great presentations with everybody, both within the Wellesley community and beyond. All of this information will be pulled into a unique Tanner webpage:TBA so those both on- and off-campus can enjoy.

All events are in the Science Center, including breakfast at 8:30 a.m., lunch, and refreshments. The Bae Pao in the campus center and Pomeroy cafeterias will also be open. Students, faculty, and staff are welcome!

We encourage you to share this announcement with the faculty, staff, and students in your department.

There are no regularly scheduled classes, so come and spend the day celebrating the liberal arts at work in the world at Tanner Conference 2015.