Wellesley is reimagining how our living and learning spaces can best support our programs and activities in the decades ahead.

As Wellesley College faces the future and reimagines how we teach and learn, how we forge new interdisciplinary connections that transcend traditional boundaries, and how we strengthen the bonds between Wellesley and the world, it is imperative that our campus enables our ambitions for the 21st-century liberal arts.

The future of Wellesley depends on the spaces we inhabit.

The plan called "Wellesley 2025" is a major, multiyear project to renew and reinvigorate Wellesley’s iconic and essential campus buildings. The projects incorporated in the plan will support our academic enterprise, the residential experience, and wellness and recreational programs at Wellesley. This exciting project will transform our living and learning environment. And it will do so without changing the look and character of our beautiful campus.

Each generation at Wellesley has the great responsibility of stewarding our lovely campus buildings. We have inherited these buildings from those who came before us, and we must take care of our spaces, anticipating future needs, so that they serve Wellesley well into the future.

—H. Kim Bottomly