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Wellesley cultivates action-oriented scholars who think big, reach far, and know how to stake a claim to their piece of their world.

We are commitment to a liberal arts curriculum that encourages interdisciplinary thinking and a broad knowledge base, and emphasizes a fluency in global issues. We pride ourselves on bringing the world to the classroom and the classroom to the world.

The Wellesley Course Catalog cuts across academic boundaries—and national ones. Over 300 courses address complex cross-cultural issues, such as, “Globalization and the Nation State,” “Third World Urbanization,” and “Global Change Biology.” New interdepartmental programs are  added every year.

Fluency in a foreign language is a must for leaders of the future. Whether you are a Wall Street power broker or a research scientist, understanding the world’s cultures through their languages is essential to success. Wellesley offers courses in Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Swahili—14 to choose from—more languages than any other liberal arts college in America. We also provide on-campus language-immersion housing and dining options: Maison Française, La Casa Cervantes, the German Corridor, and Chinese, Japanese and Korean lunch tables.

More than half of Wellesley students study abroad. Wellesley believes it is so important that its students learn in a global setting that it sponsors college-facilitated exchanges in Austria, England, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Spain. Students can also study at more than 100 approved externally administered programs or our intensive Wintersession travel programs.


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Sample Wintersession Travel Courses
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-AFR 280: Wintersession in Ghana
-AFR 300: Heritage and Culture in Jamaica
-CHIN 308 Advanced Chinese Language and Cultural Studies in Beijing
-FREN 228: Wintersession in Paris—Black Paris: Immigration Viewed from Beyond the Seine
-GER 202W Intermediate German in Vienna
-HIST 290 Morocco: History and Culture
-ITAS 202W Intermediate Italian in Rome
-PEAC 324 Grassroots Development, Conflict Resolution, and the Gandhian Legacy in India
-REL 290 Kyoto: Center of Japan's Religion and Culture
-RUSS 203W/303W Russian in Moscow
-SPAN 258 Barcelona and the Spirit of Modernity: Art, History, and culture (1859-present)