Chief Justice's Speech

Tashay Campbell ’18 delivers her 2017 convocation remarks

Remarks by Chief Justice Tashay Campbell ’18

Welcome first years, sophomores, juniors, and for the last time, the Class of 2018 seniors.

Today, as I look back on my three years at Wellesley and the many lessons I’ve learned here, one particularly stands out to me.

Through the Honor Code, we practice three fundamental values. Honesty, Integrity, and Respect. Though those are wholesome and essential to our community, there is another aspect of the Honor Code that we should embrace more often. It’s simply Giving each other the benefit of the doubt.

It’s not always the easiest thing to do or the most convenient, but it really can make our community stronger. Trust me, I know it’s frustrating when you get back to your room after a long, busy day and your neighbor is blasting music and you really just want to nap, or when someone camps out in your favorite spot in the common room for several days.

But, rather than immediately assuming the worst, calling campus po, or casting them off, try to assume the best and look at the situation from their perspective. Maybe, your noisy neighbor practices self-care by listening to their favorite album every day and just needs a friendly reminder of its loud bass or perhaps the student who keeps occupying the common room for several days in a row is having a hard time with their roommate.

Sometimes in the midst of midterms, finals, papers, and psets, we tend to forget that we are all just trying to figure it out.

Next time you are presented with one of these challenges, I encourage you to talk to each other and give each other the benefit of the doubt.

As Wellesley students, we are proud of our Alumnae network, its connections, and our alums overwhelming support. Too often, we think of these great benefits as things that we will gain in our post-Wellesley lives. But rather than waiting to have all these perks, we should start now.

On campus, off campus, and where ever you go, look out for your Wellesley siblings and try to view each other favorably. Because at its core, the Honor Code is about viewing each other charitably and bringing out the best in each other. This year, that is what I’d like to see.

Thank you, and have a great year!