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Map of North 40

Welcome to the North 40 reuse planning website.

In early May 2014, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) granted Wellesley College the ability to move forward with non-academic development on land donated to the College many years ago, but never developed for academic purposes. Wellesley College is now moving forward with a plan to identify a buyer or lessee for this property; this site is designed to provide the community with updated news and information on the reuse of the parcel familiarly called the North 40.

Goals and Principles  

In considering redevelopment or conservation of the North 40, Wellesley College is guided by the following goals and principles:

  • Maximizing our resources to support academic and campus related needs; the productive reuse of the proposed properties will allow us to focus our assets in the areas we can best utilize them—such as the Campus Renewal plan
  • Maintaining a thoughtful campus environment and keeping the core campus a positive example of landscape architecture
  • Preserving access to the walking path and scenery that surround the lake, as a resource for both our College and the larger Wellesley community
  • Using any financial resources derived from land reuse responsibly to support campus improvement in the ways of repairs, maintenance, and modest expansion of existing buildings
  • Embracing sustainability as a core value—the College considers sustainability as a factor in all institutional decisions and expects any development will represent that commitment
  • Choosing partner(s) who are open to discussing community needs as they consider productive reuses
  • Conducting a process that is respectful of our surrounding community and:
    • is transparent
    • acknowledges concerns
    • identifies responsible development partners who are sensitive to community needs

For More Information

Wellesley College expects to identify responsible development or conservation partners who are sensitive to community needs and concerns. Should you have any questions regarding the sale and reuse of the North 40, please contact us through our feedback page.


North 40 News

October 16, 2014: College and Town issue joint statement updating North 40 process.


The Town of Wellesley has a  North 40 information page; you can sign up to receive updates.