North 40 Aerial

A brief history of the North 40.

Located at the intersection of Route 135 and Weston Road, this bulk of this property—commonly referred to as the North 40—was given to Wellesley College by Henry Durant in 1873. At that time, the deed restricted use of the land for anything other than academic related uses and restricted any lease of the property to no more than seven years. Since that time, an additional 9 acres was acquired by the College and added to the parcel. The land acquired at a later date was never subject to the deed restrictions. Unfortunately, the North 40 is geographically separated from the core campus and not an ideal location for academic or related uses.

In the past few years, Wellesley College has outlined and begun a thoughtful Campus Renewal plan, calling for the repair, renovation, and modest expansion of existing campus buildings to the benefit of the academic and residential community. Although this plan does not create significant new buildings on the core campus, it nonetheless represents a significant investment in maintaining the quality of our facilities. To support this plan, the board and leadership of Wellesley College have been exploring options to sell or lease campus spaces that are outside the core campus, not being used for academic purposes and unlikely to fulfill any specific campus needs going forward, such as the North 40.

By selling this property or committing to a long-term ground lease, Wellesley will gain additional financial resources to support our Campus Renewal plan. The productive reuse of the North 40 allows Wellesley College to focus assets in the areas that can best use them in support of the College’s academic mission.


North 40 News

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