Next Steps

Wellesley College is at the beginning of its internal process surrounding the potential reuse of the North 40.

The next steps include:

  • Surveying the land and assessing potential value
  • Conducting appropriate tests on the environmental impacts and safety of the property - particularly related to the 1955 town landfill; civil, traffic, and tree surveys; and a planning assessment
  • Deciding on a partner who can meet our goals and work collaboratively with the Town of Wellesley through a formal permitting process

The College is also aware of the town’s concurrent process regarding the North 40 and is committed to maintaining an open conversation with Wellesley officials regarding any potential interest they might have in the North 40. 

The community should expect that there will be a normal permitting and approval process once a partner is chosen.


North 40 News

The Town of Wellesley has a  North 40 information page; you can sign up to receive updates.