Bao Tran

Union Employee Spotlight


Bao Tran

Dining Services

Years of Service

31 years (April 1977 - present)

Jobs at Wellesley College

General Service Worker, General Cook, Third Cook, Second Cook, currently Head Cook

Other Jobs

Work at home

Where are you from and where do you live now?

From South Vietnam; currently reside in Bellingham, MA

Any personal or family stories you want to tell?

I was born in the town of Quang Tri in South Vietnam. During the war, I was in the military. In 1975, North Vietnam (communist) invaded and took over South Vietnam, so I had to escape to Guam Island. I moved to the United States that same year.
I've been happily married for 25 years now, with three boys (Michael, David, and Johnny) and my dog named Ginger.

Any thoughts on working at Wellesley College?

I started working at Welleley College in April, 1977. I started as a General Service Worker, and have moved up the ranks from Third Cook, to Second Cook, and finally to Head Cook in David Kitchen. I still love my cooking job and all the people who work with me now and for many years to come.