Jean Allen

Union Employee Spotlight

Jean Allen

Jean Allen

Dining Services

Years of Service

25 years, 8 months

Jobs at Wellesley College

Food Service: College Club, Schneider, Collins Cafe, Stone-Davis, and the Campus Center

Other Jobs

Clerical: Sunlife
Restaurants: Friendly's and Woolworths

Where are you from and where do you live now?

Born, raised, and currently live in Natick, MA

Any personal or family stories you want to tell?

My mom and dad both worked summer jobs for the Exploration Summer Camp program at Wellesley College. Mom worked one year, dad worked ten years. My children all worked summer jobs in food service while they went to college. Thank you Wellesley College.

Any thoughts on working at Wellesley College?

I've enjoyed working at the college most of my years. I've had a few problems, but they were solved, some good, some bad. Everyday is new for me. The students are very understanding and grateful. I've gone through and seen a lot of changes in the years.