The mission of the Alumnae Interview program is to support the Office of Admission's efforts to identify, recruit, and enroll the most talented and diverse group of students possible. 

An alumnae interviewer is Wellesley's representative in her community. To appropriately and effectively meet the expectations of an interviewer, all volunteers should review and agree to the following Principles of Good Practice.

  1. I agree to support and articulate the mission of the alumnae interviewer program and Wellesley’s commitment to being a women’s college.
  2. I am not employed by an admission, financial aid, or any other related office at another college.
  3. I am an undergraduate admission representative for only one institution (i.e., if you also hold a graduate or professional degree, you may not conduct undergraduate interviews for both alma maters).
  4. I will be truthful and honest in all interactions with applicants, and will act in the best interests of the College and prospective students.
  5. I do not have any family members in the 2014-2015 applicant pool for Wellesley College.
  6. I do not serve as a for-profit educational/college consultant, or receive remuneration for any services relating to college applications, such as essay writing, test prep, or application review.