Sample Interview Questions

Sample Questions

As noted in other sections, the interview often provides interesting and helpful information about a student that cannot easily be gained from other parts of her application. The interview should provide insight into the applicant's academic background, the breadth of her extracurricular interests, and her level of motivation and preparation for Wellesley. In short, the interview is an opportunity to explore and discover qualities that make a candidate for admission special.
The following are questions to consider when interviewing a candidate, and you may choose to ask a few from each category as time allows. Please also review the questions on the Interview Report Form, which should help frame your conversation.
Introductory questions (to put her at ease)
  • Have you had any other interviews? 
  • Have you always lived here?
  • What can you tell me about your school?
  • What courses are you taking this year? Which is your favorite?
  • What out of school experiences have been especially valuable? Are there any educational experiences that have shaped your interests?
Intellectual interests
  • Which course has been the most challenging for you? Why?
  • Have you completed a paper or project that particularly interested you?
  • Have you had a favorite teacher? What made her or him special to you?
  • Do you enjoy reading? Writing? Science? Math? Why do you find that interesting (or difficult)?
  • Are your grades a reflection of your abilities as a student?
  • If you could, are there any changes you would make in your high school?
  • How did you first learn about Wellesley? How do you feel about the fact that it is a women's college?
  • Aside from academic preparation, what do you hope to gain from going to college? Do you think that college will change you in any way?  
Personal interests:
  • What do you most enjoy doing outside of class? Why?
  • How do you like to spend free time at home?
  • Have you ever had the opportunity to take a trip that made a special impression on you?
  • Have you had a job? What did you learn? Do you think your job changed you in any way?
Specifically for Transfer and Davis applicants:
  • Knowing you have attended another school, why Wellesley now?
  • Are there gaps in your education that you would like to explain to the committee?
  • Do you feel the courses you have already taken prepare you to be successful in a wide range of courses at Wellesley (you could speak about the distribution requirements)?