Tips if Unaffiliated with Club

Tips for AARS Unaffiliated with a Club

If the AAR is in an area where she is truly a committee of one, she can do some of the activities listed below to enhance Wellesley's visibility in her community. Although she may be doing the work on her own, she should know that the Admission Office is available to assist in her efforts. Personal contact is very important in recruitment efforts and many admission counselors can cite examples of how a connection with one alumna influenced someone's decision to attend Wellesley.

  • Attend a college fair to raise Wellesley's visibility
  • Interview prospective students to help them to form a connection to Wellesley
  • Sponsor a Book Award at local high schools
  • Host a prospective student gathering (fall) or yield event (spring)
  • If admitted student numbers do not warrant a spring event, offer to meet students individually
  • Call, email or write postcards/letters to admitted students (the Admission Office can provide postcards to AARs operating without club/committee support)
If the AAR is in an area with few Wellesley alumnae and/or without a club, it may be difficult to form a committee to assist with outreach efforts. It is advisable for the AAR to work with a committee, however, and we encourage you to reach out to your fellow alumnae and ask for assistance. For a list of alumnae in a particular area, please contact the Alumnae Office.
You may also reach out to Lisa Summergrad ( in the Office of Admission to learn if there are any other unaffiliated AARs in nearby states who would like to collaborate with you.