Major Responsibilities

Major Responsibilities

Alumnae volunteers are asked to perform some or all of the duties listed below. At the very least, AARs and other admission volunteers are expected to interview candidates for admission, attend local college fairs, meet with a staff admission counselor if one travels to your area, and congratulate admitted students. Please speak with your regional admission counselor in the Admission Office to determine which other activities would be appropriate in your area.

  • Educate/manage committee members and ensure compliance with Principles of Good Practice

  • Plan a gathering of prospective students in the fall (contact your regional counselor to determine if there are enough prospective students in your area to support a group event).  

  • Manage assignment of interview requests to local volunteer interviewers.  If you are in a larger area, we suggest that you solely manage the process and not interview applicants yourself (due to volume).  It is your responsibility to maintain the list of interview assignments, but it is not your responsibility to follow up with each interviewer regarding their report submission. 
  • If appropriate, plan a small gathering of accepted students in the spring.  

  • Secure coverage at local college fairs as requested by the Office of Admission.  Keep Office of Admission updated if unable to cover a college fair in a timely manner so that alternative coverage may be found.

  • Meet and collaborate with admission staff when they travel to your area.

  • Publicize special events or Wellesley news of general interest as appropriate.

  • Administer the Wellesley College Alumnae Association's Book Awards Program