The liberal arts and sciences. A charge to be curious about everything, find connections everywhere, stay open to new possibilities, re-examine all you’ve been told, dismiss what insults your soul.*

In other words: Be more human. And use your humanity to be more. *Hat tip to Walt Whitman for those last two.

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The value of a liberal arts education

Long-respected as the foundation of a fully rounded undergraduate education, the liberal arts remain essential to the 21st century world. Read about the value of a liberal arts education and explore the following liberal arts resources:

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Thoughtfully conceived curriculum (core distribution requirements across a range of fields), highly adaptable (you always choose courses that work for you), and just sort of amazing (more than 1,000 courses and 54+ majors). Designed for people who are not interested in limits.

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Academic stats

In case you haven't seen enough statistics about Wellesley, we have a few more!

0 There are zero graduate students, so you don't have to compete with them to get your professors' attention. Yet, we have amazing research facilities that are comparable to many research-oriented universities.
# The Princeton Review's annual college guidebook recently ranked Wellesley's faculty as No. 1 in the country.  The Princeton Review surveyed 122,000 students at 376 colleges.

For three decades, Wellesley ranked first in the number of women graduates who go on to earn the Ph.D. in the male-dominated field of economics. Wellesley graduates also earn a disproportionate number of Fulbright awards.

Professors teach two courses per semester, allowing them ample time to get to know you, meet you during office hours, and even attend your athletic, theatre, music, or dance events.
50% Approximately 50 percent of the junior class study abroad all over the planet. Wintersession programs and US Study Programs are also available.
70% Of Wellesley students who applied to schools in the medical professions in recent years, over 70 percent were admitted.
300+ Each year Wellesley grants over 300 stipends of $3,500 each for summer internships, and sometimes a housing allowance as well. Wellesley's highly acclaimed Wellesley in Washington internship offers fantastic alumnae connections.
400+ More than 400 Wellesley students do research, independent study, or senior thesis research across all disciplines each year.