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Student Perspectives & Advice

Advice, encouragement, and musings from current Wellesley students— as you ponder the (life-altering) decision to become a Wellesley woman.  |  What are our bloggers doing?  |  Why Wellesley?  |  And check out a core sample of fun at Wellesley. You might also want to peruse through Wellesley photos on Instagram.

The Fabulous Class of 2018

What an accomplished, vibrant, and intriguing group of students! Each of you has something special to contribute to the Wellesley community. Learn more about your future classmates in the Class of 2018, and see a slideshow of first-year students' move-in day last year.

What You Should Know

Wellesley Facts | College History | Student Life | Residential Life | Honor Code | Our Diverse Community | Religious & Spiritual Life | Heath & Wellness  | Traditions


See the student-run Wellesley News and the College's newsworthy moments throughout 2014 and 2013. (Or you can also view separate faculty and alumnae highlights or a sampling of 2013-14 news headlines.)  See 2014 Boston Marathon coverage at Wellesley, including the scream tunnel, and a video of students preparing for the race


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Best Things About Wellesley
(and about being at a women's college)
1. Intelligent and fabulous women
2. Caring professors
3. Academics
4. The sense of community
5. Extensive resources
6. Amazing opportunities
7. Global network
8. The alumnae
9. Small classes
10. Proximity to Boston/Cambridge
11. Beautiful campus
12. No immature boys!

Beautiful campus,
great community! 

Sebiha Abdullahi '15
Biological Chemistry
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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