Welcome, Class of 2018! What an accomplished, vibrant, and intriguing group of students!

Learn about the fascinating interests and pursuits of your classmates:

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Making a difference at home, school, and the community

From AIDS awareness and computer science camps for girls
to organic gardening and truancy legislation

Drafted truancy legislation for Teen Court in her state

Wrote a grant proposal for mental health funding

Earned a Girl Scout Gold Award by helping bring dental health to low-income students

Completed a four-year internship with a US Congresswoman

Certified as volunteer tax advisor for low-income families

Served as the youngest law clerk for a civil district judge—also named Miss Black Teen in her city

Earned a Girl Scout Gold Award by leading a computer science camps for middle-school girls

Served as leader of Links to Success—Black women’s leadership program

Worked for a mayor translating documents into Spanish

Interned at a "rock camp for girls," a non-profit music and mentoring program dedicated to the empowerment of girls and women

Served as member of her high school’s anti-bullying movement

Sat atop a military vehicle as a volunteer navigator for the National Guard during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Served as Youth Board Member and Mentee for Girls Write Now (a nonprofit for underserved teen girl writers)

Completed a case study on LGBT activism in her city

Interned for a congressman in women's rights work

Served as Chapter Leader of FACE AIDS

Planted an organic garden at her school, which was named top environmental project in her state

Volunteered at a Russian language school (although she is not Russian herself)


Enjoying satisfaction and achievement from sports and physical activity

From jiu-jitsu and SCUBA diving to rock climbing and snowboarding

Performed mixed martial arts (at a gritty gym)

Earned a blue belt in jiu-jitsu

Participated in Grappling Association (NAGA) tournament

Named Champion in badminton mixed doubles in her athletics conference

Earned first place in snowboarding team in a Bordercross competition

Served as captain of Team USA Synchronized Skating Team

Became a certified SCUBA diver by age 11

Placed eighth at National Pistol Competition

Ran two marathons

Served as captain of a badminton team

Named state runner-up on her non-tackle football team

Learned to rock climb

Captained her basketball team  

Competed on the women's kayak team

Competed in snowboarder competitions


Following one’s muse in art, music, and literature:

From haute couture and Plato to hip-hop and the family band

Mexican folkloric dancer

Flute section leader

Nominee for theater makeup design award

Haute couture fashion blogger with 25,000 followers

Filmmaker at Reagan Presidential Library

Avid reader of Plato – for fun

Cellist for her state's Youth Symphony Orchestra

Avid saxophonist

National Student Poet—one of five to be named to the nation's highest award for poetry

Hip-hop dancer

Huffington Post "Mission Accepted" Blogger (applying to colleges blog)

Winner of national gold medal for writing in 10th and 11th grades — invited to the White House

Member of her family’s band

Filmmaker—created a documentary on immigrant contributions in her area


Deriving inspiration from the science and research:

From exoplanet identification and stem cells to pika population monitoring and nanotechnology and textile arts

Researched exoplanet identification — and won several state-level science awards

Led a Siemens semifinalist team on stem cells

Conducted independent research in astronomy with a university professor (for two years)

Analyzed data using C++, Python, and ROOT (programming languages) to develop trending scripts for observatory project

Conducted social science research for a university, including interviewing burlesque dancers about their profession

Interned at a biolab; helped group effort to genetically engineer E. coli to produce quantum dots (crystalline structures with unique optical properties)

Assisted in a genetics lab at a state university

As research assistant, collected and analyzed data from decision making and memory retrieval experiments at a large university

Worked on individual stem cell research project; presented at an annual lab conference

Investigated how the nervous system senses and signals local metabolites

Monitored pika (a small mammal) populations in the Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve

Examined the synthesis of nanotechnology and textile arts—a blend of fashion and engineering (also did nanotechnology internship at a state university lab)


Engaging globally

From farming in Ecuador and water filtration in Liberia to bilingual books in Pakistan and basketball equipment in China

Built water filtration system in Liberia one summer; learned about educational challenges when basic health needs are not met

Interned (summer) with organization in Thailand combatting child prostitution

Visited China to see the village she came from; seeing high cancer rates there due to pollution, she joined (and later became president of) her school’s Cancer Club

Won a state-sponsored trip to Azerbaijan

Created bilingual books for children in Pakistan

Participated in the Memory Project Club, which paints portraits of children from orphanages in Haiti and other countries

Helped reconstruct recent post-revolution Alexandria, Egypt

Served as delegate to UN Commission on Status of Women and to the Conference on Global Uprisings

Worked on a farm in Ecuador—passionate about local farming and food options in urban areas

Raised funds to buy basketball equipment for rural China


Initiating, founding, and promoting diverse interests

From beekeeping and "krumping" to self-defense and comedy

A youth immigration action team

A nonprofit for artists to sell work where half of profits go to education and half back to the artist (cofounder)

A chapter of MADD in her school—after interning for the organization

Her school's beekeeping club

The Teen Board at her local YMCA

A women's self-defense class

A Krump (krump dancing) Society

A Partners in Health club at her school—after interning in Boston with Partners in Health last summer.

A Toastmasters group to face her fears of public speaking

A battle of the bands event

A fitness club and a comedy club at her school


Pursuing special hobbies and innovative businesses

From flame throwing and cake decorating to fighting fires and building robots and catapults

Disc jockey

Junior firefighter

Beekeeper, with business supplying beehive maintenance and selling honey

Professional cake decorator

Flamethrower and glass blower

Teacher of drumming to children

Environmentalist who grew her own organic garden; also worked as paid intern at Edible Magazine

Builder of catapults and trebuchets

Helper/employee at a jams and jellies store since age 10

Participant in Girls of Steel Robotics Team—They dress like Rosie the Riveter