Jane '78

“My dream of running the Boston Marathon and going through Wellesley as the women of Wellesley cheered me on had arrived...”

I just wanted to thank the College for one more moment of inspiration, for the camaraderie of Wellesley, for the reminder that dreams really do come true and often in unexpected ways. I heard your cheers and they carried me all the way to the finish line. Many, many thanks."
—E. Jane Carter, M.D. '78

Mid-April Madness!

Marathon Monday/Patriots' Day in Massachusetts is April 21, 2014. The Wellesley College campus marks the midway point of the Boston Marathon; the route runs right alongside campus on Central Street. Year after year runners look forward to being buoyed along by enthusiastic (and amazingly loud) Wellesley women. This section of the route has become known as the Wellesley Scream Tunnel.