Student Life

College life isn’t only about classes.

Wellesley women salsa, tutor, play a mean game of Frisbee, and plunge into the limitless offerings of the nearby cosmopolis. What will you do for fun?

window of LuluRes life and student activities 

Learn about life on campus. Residential Life: including a peek inside some residence halls |  Dining Options |  Student Centers. Choose from an endless choice of activities in Clubs & Organizations


roommates seniorsRoommates

Watch four short films about women who are roommates (first-years, seniors, and alumnae a decade out). There were no scenes, no actors, no scripts; we just talked to the roommates and filmed them doing what they do. Behold the wonder of the process by which they learn to live with each other! 


More about life on campus

Student Life | Honor Code | Our Diverse Community | Religious & Spiritual Life | Slater International Center Missions and Values | Traditions | Disability Services | Work, Service & Leadership


rec boat

Athletics and recreation at Wellesley

Wellesley Varsity Athletics | 
Club Sports and Recreational Activities | 
Health and Wellness


fenwayFun on and off campus

See BostonBoston and beyond, and Places to Go/Things to Do. It's easy to get to Boston/Cambridge on the Senate Bus and MIT Exchange Bus.

students at outdoor concertA multicultural community

Students from across the U.S. and around the world form a truly diverse community. Make new friends and have fun in some of our cultural groups and religious organizations. Learn more about Wellesley's multicultural and multifaith community that fosters dialog and connection across religions.

group of students at table

Work, service, and leadership

Wellesley women are committed to making a difference in the world. Service opportunities range from relief efforts in Japan or Haiti, to literacy in local communities. Volunteer and Work | Community Service