Let's take a numeric approach to fun!

3 Reasons We Must Speak of Fun

  1. Because there has been some confusion regarding our relationship to it. Because, you know, we’re women, and we care about ideas, and we work incredibly hard. Somehow this gets translated as “people who recoil at the thought of enjoying life.” How odd.
  2. Because it is essential. We are made of flesh and blood! Nothing human is alien to us! We seek all manner of experience! Thoreau once said: “Fun, you complete me.” No, he didn’t, but we’re sure he felt that way. Everyone does. Including us.
  3. Because it is—we’re searching for the right word here—fun. And at some point you have to stop talking about it and go do it. This is that point.

10 Haiku-Like* Attempts to Describe the Social Life of Wellesley

  1. People running around campus. Reciting the complete works of Shakespeare. In 24 hours.
  2. MIT, Harvard, Brandeis, Olin, Babson. Let us be friends. You are so close.
  3. Dance parties in Tishman Commons. Sponsored by student groups. Many themes. Glow lights.
  4. A major art museum. A cinema. Receptions, openings. Glamour, substance.
  5. The lovely, zigzagging, always open campus center. We call it Lulu. Like a song.
  6. Events at which tea and/or s’mores play a major role. Events at which many languages are spoken. Events at which moves are busted.
  7. Candy at my door. Food in the lounge. A pirate party. House Council, you are my rock.
  8. Our neighbor, the town of Wellesley. Visible history, modern amenities, exceedingly clean streets. Lemon Thai, we shout out to you.
  9. Lake Day. Remix. Spring Week. The Boston Marathon Scream Tunnel. Flower Sunday. Culture Shows. Everyone is here.
  10. A track star, a rock star, a filmmaker, an astronomer, a builder, an entrepreneur

*Not actual haiku! Don’t go counting syllables on us.

10 Random Ways to Categorize Boston and Cambridge

  1. Things that are free. Because you are a student in a metropolis that loves students.
  2. Things that need no introduction. The Green Monster. The Freedom Trail. Harvard Square. Bartley’s Burger Cottage. The Museum of Fine Arts.
  3. Things that rawk. In Boston (the Paradise, the Orpheum), in Cambridge (the Middle East, TT the Bear’s), in alternative settings (Symphony Hall, Berklee College of Music, Oberon).
  4. Charmed things. Parades in the North End. College skating nights at the Boston Common Frog Pond.  The dark hot chocolate at Burdick’s.
  5. Obvious things. State capital. National financial and commercial hub. Magnificent global assembly of scientific, cultural, and technological talent.
  6. College-ness. Parties, dinners, dances, athletic events, collaborations with 250,000 other students.
  7. Neighborhoods. South End, Chinatown, Porter Square, Davis Square. Or streets: Commonwealth, Newbury, Mass. Ave. All accessible, all packed with life.
  8. Personal favorites. The Mapparium. The Brattle. El Jaleo at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. The buskers at Quincy Market. The penguins at the Aquarium.
  9. Cuisines. Brazilian. Ugandan. Nepalese. Endlessly etc.
  10. Gatherings. First Night. Head of the Charles. The Pops. Walk for Hunger. Cambridge Science Festival. Dragon Boat