Multicultural Community

Multiculturalism is a way of life at Wellesley.

You can be as involved as you like, but, rest assured, you’ll learn from all students and make new friends. Below is a sampling of multicultural organizations, which offer you the opportunity to have fun while staying culturally and politically involved. Wellesley's Houghton Chapel and Multifaith Center provides space for students of many faiths to worship and interact – a place that fosters dialog, negotiation, and sharing. See also Religious & Spiritual Life.

A Sampling of Multicultural Organizations

Al Muslimat

Al-Muslimat is a student-run organization for the Muslim women of Wellesley College. Established in 1992, it provides Islamic support services for women from various countries, traditions, cultures, and backgrounds. Al-Muslimat also promotes an understanding of Islam and issues related to Islam throughout the Wellesley community. It also serves to represent the voice of the Muslim community and to assure Muslim women of a safe space on campus. Al-Muslimat welcomes any individuals interested in learning about Islam to ask questions, attend our meetings and services, and engage in our events.

The purpose of Alianza is to increase cultural and social awareness of Latin Americans and Iberians on campus. By sharing various cultural traditions, such as cafecito, arroz con pollo, and merengue y salsa, Alianza seeks to provide a comfortable space where students from Latin America can support each other in making the transition to Wellesley. Alianza also serves the Wellesley College community by organizing events and projects aimed at cultivating a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the rich diversity of the social, political, economical, literary, and environmental realities of the Latin American region.

Asian Student Union
The Asian Student Union is a cultural, political, and social organization that represents Asian and Asian American students on campus. The purposes of the ASU are to cultivate awareness in and to promote the understanding of Asian and Asian American affairs by sharing the many facets of the Asian and Asian American experience. ASU reaches out to other Asians and Asian Americans in the Greater Boston Area by participating in community service programs and projects, such as the Meimei/Jiejie (Little Sister/Big Sister) program, which joins members of Wellesley's ASU with Chinese girls adopted from China in Boston's Families of Chinese Children (FCC) organization.

multicultural students

Chinese Student Association
The Chinese Student Association promotes awareness of Chinese and Chinese American culture and serves as a support system. CSA coordinates traditional cultural events such as the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in the fall and the Chinese New Year Banquet in the spring. The purpose of these activities is to promote a better understanding of these important celebrations and their relevance to the Chinese culture and history.

The purpose of Ethos is to serve as a support group for women of African descent by enhancing the cultural, political, social, and academic experience of these women on campus. It also serves to pool the resources of the Black community – both on and off-campus – and, through unity, to aid one another in fighting racism and sexism and to promote cultural as well as political awareness.

Fusion was established at Wellesley with the vision of catering to the needs of students from multiracial backgrounds. It is a student organization, but not in the sense of a hierarchical establishment that organizes events. Fusion's mission is to provide an open and supportive forum for the discussion of multiracial issues and concerns. Formal discussions of issues and events are conducted at the weekly general meetings, which are usually held at Harambee House. Study breaks are held periodically as well, where members and newcomers relax in a more casual environment for playing games and discussing more personal issues.

Harambee House
The purpose of Harambee House is to provide social, emotional, and academic support to students of African descent at Wellesley College. Additionally, Harambee House aims to provide enlightening cultural activities for the Wellesley College community, as well as educational, cultural, and social activities for students, faculty, and staff of African descent.

Japan Club
Primarily a cultural organization, the Japan Club welcomes all students who are interested in Japanese language and culture. Japan Table is sponsored and held once a week by the Japan Club in a dining hall -- not only is it a perfect opportunity to hone Japanese language skills, but it is also a nice way to have a chat with friends and faculty. Past activities have included origami-earring making, Japanese curry parties, and  Japanese tea/flower arranging ceremonies. Japan Club also organizes events that are related to Japan for the Wellesley community and Boston community.

Japan Club

Students participate in Yuki Matsuri (Snow Festival), the Japan Club's most exciting event of the year —with delicious Japanese food, fun games, and amazing performances.


Mezcla is an organization devoted to the academic, political, and social interests of the American students of Latina descent at Wellesley College. Although it's been over 30 years since its first Constitution was drafted, Mezcla's ideals remain the same. "The organization is committed to solidarity, to promoting cultural awareness, to recruiting more Latinas to Wellesley, and perhaps, most importantly, to giving back to the communities from whence we came."

Wellesley Association for South Asian Cultures
The purpose of the Wellesley Association for South Asian Cultures is to represent and serve the interests of the South Asian and South Asian American community on campus and to promote awareness of the culture and history of South Asia. WASAC is a cultural, political, and social organization that also aims to provide a support system for students of South Asian descent.