Directions to Campus

Lots of options, lots of opportunities to test your navigating skills!

Getting to Wellesley can be as simple as driving directly to the campus, or as adventurous as using 3+ modes of transportation! Won't have access to a car? No problem.

Car Directions to the College. For the entrance closest to the Admission Office, enter "727 Washington Street" in your GPS and follow the signs for Admission Parking (Dower Lot). The Admission Office is across the street from Dower Lot, on the hill.
Bus Take a bus to South Station, Boston. Make your way to Wellesley by public transportation, private bus shuttle, or taxi.
Train Take a train to South Station, Boston. Make your way to Wellesley by public transportation, private bus shuttle, or taxi.
Air Take a flight to Logan Airport, Boston. Make your way to Wellesley by public transportation, private bus shuttle, rental car, or taxi.
Public Transportation Commuter rail. Framingham/Worcester line to the Wellesley Square stop.
Taxis List of taxi companies.

From Logan Airport to the Wellesley College Campus

cost vs. time in getting to Wellesley from Logan Airport
Cheapest but longest 1. Use the MBTA subway system to get to South Station $2.50 60-90 minutes, depending on the commuter rail schedule
2. Take Framingham/Worcester commuter rail to Wellesley Square stop $6.75
3. Walk to campus free
Shortest but most expensive Take a taxi directly to Wellesley College ~$70 + tip ~30-45 minutes, depending on traffic


Further Breakdown of Itineraries

Cheapest but longest
MBTA Subway System: Take the Silver Line from Logan Airport to South Station $2.50  ~24 minutes
Commuter Rail: Take the Framingham/Worcester Line to Wellesley Square Station. Check train schedule. $6.75  ~37 minutes
On foot: Walk from Wellesley Square Station (1 Grove St, Wellesley, MA 02482) to the Wellesley campus.   Walking time approx 15 minutes
1. From the railroad platform, take the stairs up and turn left onto Crest Rd.
2. Go to the end of Crest Rd. (just a few steps) and turn right at Peet's Coffee onto Central St.
3. Walk two blocks through town. You'll see the pedestrian entrance to the Wellesley College campus on your left, at the intersection of Central St. and Weston Rd. You can enter here and take the scenic walk through campus (worth it if you have time) or
4. You can continue to walk 0.05 mi along Central St. to the main (motor) entrance at College Rd., which is on your left.
  Total time: from 60 - 90 minutes 


Shortest time but HIGHEST cost
Taxi Take a taxi from Logan Airport to the Wellesley campus. ~$70 + tip  ~30 minutes


JFK Taxi 508.653.4500
Natick Cab Company 508.653.2300
Newton Yellow Cab 617.332.7700
Red Cab 617.734.5000
Sun Taxi 800.SUN.TAXI
Veterans Taxi 781.235.1600




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