Directions to Wellesley: Lots of options, by car or public transportation!

Options for Getting to Wellesley College from Logan Airport or South Station
1.  Taxi Quickest option, expensive - $80+
2. Private shuttle Faster than public transportation, still somewhat expensive
3. Logan Express bus + taxi Moderate option for price and time, roughly $40
4. Commuter Rail + short walk Longest but cheapest, less than $10
5. Local MWRTA bus +
Green Line subway
Weekdays only!
6. Driving Directions Use GPS address of 727 Washington St., Wellesley, MA 02482

Keep in mind that enrolled Wellesley students – with a Wellesley College ID card – have great transportation options, including Wellesley-only bus transportation and rides from peers. It’s much easier to get to and from Boston to campus once you’re a Wellesley student!

Logan Airport Boston’s airport is Logan International Airport, located just across the harbor from downtown Boston, in the city of East Boston.
South Station Boston’s main train and bus terminal is South Station, located in downtown Boston across the harbor from Logan Airport. Amtrak, Greyhound and other long distance buses, light rail, local buses, and the subway all converge at South Station.
Wellesley College Wellesley College is located 15 miles west of Boston.  
Maps Walking maps from train station; campus parking; Wellesley relative to Logan Airport and South Station


1. Taxi

A taxi is the most direct option from either Logan Airport or South Station. This is the most expensive option; base fair will likely be around $80, plus tip. 
Take taxi from Logan_Airport or South Station Taxis are readily available at all terminals of Logan Airport - simply follow the signs to the closest taxi stand - and outside South Station on Atlantic Avenue or Summer Street. 
Once on campus... Ask the taxi driver to bring you to the Office of Admission (Weaver House) at Wellesley College. Admission is on “East Campus” which is close to the College Club, and on the opposite side of campus from the Campus Center and Campus Police/Visitor Parking. Campus signs will direct you to our office.


2. Private Shuttle

You may wish to take a shuttle from Logan Airport or South Station out to Wellesley College. Most require advance reservations. See also the taxi options on the College’s website:
Make an advance reservation Please call the shuttle company you wish to use in advance to inquire about reservations and cost. Examples are Wellesley Carriage at (very familiar with our campus!) and the GO Boston Shuttle at
Once on campus... Ask the shuttle driver to bring you to the Office of Admission (Weaver House) at Wellesley College. Admission is on “East Campus” which is close to the College Club, and on the opposite side of campus from the Campus Center and Campus Police/Visitor Parking. Campus signs will direct you to our office.


3. Logan Express Bus + Taxi

If you are flying into Boston, you may take the Logan Express bus, a form of public transportation:  
From Logan Airport, take Logan Express-Framingham line to Framingham terminal Logan Express buses leave the airport every half hour from designated pick-up locations at each terminal. Please note that there are four bus routes; the Logan Express bus that comes west toward Wellesley is the Framingham line. Cost is typically $12 one way or $22 round trip. If you plan to take the Logan Express bus back to the airport at the end of your trip, you may wish to purchase a round trip ticket. The ride from the airport to the Logan Express terminal in Framingham is roughly 40 minutes.
From the Framingham_terminal, take a taxi 7 miles to Wellesley College

The Framingham Logan Express terminal is located near Shopper’s World (large collection of stores) in Framingham, MA, approximately seven miles from the Wellesley College campus. From the Logan Express terminal in Framingham, you will need to call a taxi. The ride to campus should be about 15 minutes, and not much more than $20. See a list of local taxi companies:

Once on campus... Ask the taxi driver to bring you to the Office of Admission (Weaver House) at Wellesley College. Admission is on “East Campus” which is close to the College Club, and on the opposite side of campus from the Campus Center and Campus Police/Visitor Parking. Campus signs will direct you to our office.


4. Commuter Rail + short walk

Take the Silver Line bus from Logan Airport to South Station   The commuter rail is a light rail system that connects downtown Boston with the suburbs. The commuter rail leaves from South Station. If you’re arriving by plane to Logan Airport, take the free (!) Silver Line bus to South Station, which is the last stop. (The Silver Line costs $2.10 from South Station to Logan Airport, but is free coming from the airport.) There are four Silver Line routes, so be sure to board Line 1 which runs between South Station and the airport. The ride should take 15-20 minutes. Silver Line schedule available here:
From South Station, take the Worcester/Framingham commuter rail to the Wellesley Square stop

At South Station, transfer to the commuter rail, which is usually a train with a purple stripe. There are many commuter rail lines running from Boston in all directions, so be sure that you board the Worcester/Framingham line to reach the town of Wellesley. The schedule is available here:

  Be sure to carefully check the schedule to make sure you are not choosing an express train time that will bypass the Wellesley stops. “Outbound” trains leave Boston and go out to the suburbs, while “Inbound” trains go into Boston from the suburbs. The town of Wellesley has three different stops – get off at the last (third) Wellesley stop which is the Wellesley Square stop to reach the Wellesley College campus.
From Wellesley Square, call a taxi or walk to campus

From the Wellesley Square station, you may call a taxi or take a scenic walk through the town of Wellesley (and enjoy our shops, ice cream stores, and friendly town residents) and through the Wellesley College campus. It will take you roughly 8 minutes to walk from the Wellesley Square station to the edge of the Wellesley College campus, and another 10 minutes on campus to walk to Admission.  See walking map from Wellesley Square to campus.


5. MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) + Subway

The MetroWest Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) bus operates on weekdays. This bus system connects the western suburbs with area attractions such as shopping centers and, yes, Wellesley College. Route 8 runs past the Wellesley College campus and the bus stops in front of Alumnae Hall, which is on the west side of campus (Admission is on the east side, about a 15-minute walk). 
The bus also operates on a “flag down” system so as long as it’s safe for the driver to stop, just wave and you’ll be picked up! Exact change or a Charlie Card (reusable subway/bus ticket) is required.
Please see the schedule for Route 8 on the MWRTA website for additional information:
Both the “Commuter Schedule” and the “Local Schedule” for Route 8 stop at Wellesley College and at the Woodland MBTA Green Line Station. The Woodland Station is the “turn” point between eastbound and westbound on the schedule linked above, so while it looks like you can’t board a westbound bus at Woodland, you certainly can! (Woodland is both the last eastbound stop and the first westbound stop.)
MWRTA from Boston to Wellesley (westbound)
Begin at South Station If you come in to Logan Airport, see #4 above for directions on taking the Silver Line to South Station. Once you're in South Station, follow the signs for the Red Line on the "T" (subway). It's $2.65 to ride the T.
Take the Red Line to Park Street  Get on the Red Line toward Alewife and ride the Red Line subway for two stops to Park Street station.
Take the Green Line to Woodland Station At Park Street station, switch to the Green Line subway. There are several Green Line trains leaving from Park Street on the same tracks, so make sure you board the “D” Line toward Riverside. Woodland is the second to last stop on this line. The Green Line can be a little slow because it runs above ground with street traffic after a few stops, so allow extra time! 
Take the MWRTA Bus to Alumnae Hall on the Wellesley Campus At Woodland, look for the MWRTA bus (see link above for schedule) and for $1.50 exact cash ($1.10 with a Charlie Card), board the westbound bus on Route 8. Route 8 will drop you off right at Alumnae Hall at Wellesley College! From there, just walk along College Road all the way through campus – the signs will lead you to Admission. The walk should take about 15 minutes.
MWRTA from Wellesley to Boston (eastbound)
Board_eastbound bus to Woodland "T" stop

Board the eastbound (toward Boston) bus at Alumnae Hall, and ride all the way to the last stop, which is the Woodland “T” stop on the Green Line. The "T" is Boston's subway system, which will take you into Boston. The cost for the MWRTA bus will be $1.50 exact cash or $1.10 with a Charlie Card.

Take the "T" from Woodland to Park Street At Woodland, buy a ticket and board an “inbound” Green Line train (toward Boston) and ride to Park Street. It's $2.65 to ride the T.
Take the Red Line to South Station From Park Street, transfer to the Red Line (take a train toward Ashmont, Braintree, or Mattapan…they all go through South Station) and continue two stops to South Station (train and bus station). 
Take the Silver Line bus  to Logan Airport If you need to continue on to the airport, hop on the Silver Line bus. The Silver Line going to the airport from South Station costs $2.10.


6.  Driving Directions

To reach Wellesley College by car, follow the directions below. We recommend using the GPS address of the Wellesley College Club, which is 727 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA 02482, to reach our East Entrance. Then follow the signs to Admission Parking.
From I-90 (Mass Pike)
Take Exit 16 (West Newton) to Route 16 West

Follow Route 16 for 4.7 miles to a five-way stoplight in Wellesley, which is just past the large town library on your left and Town Hall on your right. Make sure you’re in the left lane at this intersection, and watch the lights carefully because the left turn you need to take is a delayed green!

Take soft left to stay on Washington_Street Take the soft left to stay on Washington Street; you’ll know you made the correct turn if you see Susu Bakery ahead on your right on the next corner. 
Turn right onto Wellesley College Stay on Washington Street until you reach the next traffic light, which is down a slight hill. This marks our East Entrance (by the College Club) – turn right here!
From I-95 (Route 128):
Take Exit 21B to Route 16 West  Follow Route 16 for 2.9 miles to a five-way stoplight in Wellesley, which is just past the large town library on your left and Town Hall on your right.  Follow directions above.
Admission Parking, Dower Lot If you want to park in Admission parking, follow the signs to Dower Lot which is the first parking lot on your right if you come in through the East Entrance. (The Admission Office is on your left, across from Dower Lot.) See our maps for a helpful visual. There are eight Admission spaces in the front row, and they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis. If they’re all full, you’ll need to park in general Visitor Parking.
General Visitor Parking Just follow the signs to the free parking garage on West Campus. General Visitor Parking is a 15-minute walk from Admission, so plan ahead if you’ll visit us at a busy time when parking might be in high demand. Our busy season is late September until the first week of November, spring break season from mid-March through the end of April, and late June through mid-August.
Handicap Parking

Please note that if you have a handicapped plate or placard for your car and require an accessible space, there are two available immediately in front of our building entrance.