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Wellesley's Wait List

Every year, Wellesley receives far more applications from qualified candidates than it has space for in the entering class. We can only estimate how many admitted students will choose to accept our offer of admission. Therefore, Wellesley offers a place on the wait list to students who fall just below the very top group of applicants. Very often, students on the wait list are as intellectually powerful as the admitted group, but we simply do not have room in the Class.

Students are not offered a place on the wait list unless the Board of Admission is confident that they are capable of academic success at Wellesley should space become available. If you still have questions or concerns after reviewing the following information, please feel free to contact the Admission Office by email at admission@wellesley.edu. Or, you may call 781.283.2270 from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. ET, Monday – Friday.  

PDF of Wait List FAQ

1. Why does Wellesley have a wait list?
Wellesley receives many more applications from qualified candidates than it has space for in the entering class and can only estimate how many admitted students will choose to accept our offers of admission. This is why some applicants are placed on a wait list. When a candidate receives a wait-list decision, the Board of Admission regards her to be just below the very top group of candidates and is confident that she will be competitive for admission should space become available.
2. How large is the wait list? How do I confirm my interest in remaining on the wait list?
Last year, approximately 500 students chose to remain on the wait list. In order to be considered for admission, wait-listed candidates are asked to notify us through an online reply form that will post in their MyWellesley portals (https://my.wellesley.edu). Please note that we require a response from all candidates on the wait list no later than May 1, the Candidate’s Reply Date Deadline, but we encourage candidates to reply earlier if Wellesley remains their first-choice college.
3. Is the wait list ranked in any way?
Wellesley does not rank its wait list. If we have room to admit students, the Board of Admission will again review all candidates who express an interest in receiving consideration for admission from the wait list. This review occurs in separate committee meetings held after the first week of May.
4. In past years, how many students have been admitted from the wait list?
In past years, we have admitted between 10 to 40 students annually. We do expect to consider students from the wait list this year.
5. Should I send an enrollment deposit to another institution?
It is important to reserve a place at another college that meets your interests, as we cannot guarantee that we will admit students from the wait list in any given year. So the answer to this question is, yes, you should. Please note that the college to which you send your deposit looks forward to welcoming you in the fall and also understands that you may remain on the wait list elsewhere. This is common practice. Please note that, in most cases, enrollment deposits are nonrefundable. Should you subsequently be offered a place at Wellesley and decide to accept our offer, it's unlikely that you will be able to recover your original deposit.
6. Should I schedule an interview?
We do not offer interviews to wait-listed candidates. Should you wish to send an additional letter to update the Board of Admission on your current activities, it will be added to your application folder.
7. When will you notify me if I am admitted from the wait list?
We typically make our first wait-list offers in the third week of May. We will do our very best to conclude all wait-list activity by June 30. If places do become available and we decided to accept students form the wait list, we will telephone you before sending a letter. You need not call us.
8. Is there anything that I can do to increase my chances of being admitted from the wait list?
As noted above, if you have additional information that was not a part of your original application (information about any new awards or achievements, or a recent grade report), please feel free to forward that information to the Office of Admission. Any new information will be added to your application for further consideration.

Print a pdf of these Wait-List Frequently Asked Questions.


Tip #1

Get organized. Chart admission and financial aid deadlines; leave space for your deadline date and completion date, based on your decision plan.

Tip #2

Read the instructions for Wellesley's requirements and the Common Application thoroughly before completing your application. Relax and don't worry; be yourself in your application.

Tip #3

Apply for financial aid at the same time you are applying for admission; submit the financial aid application by the stated deadline for your chosen decision plan.

Tip #4

If you plan to submit an art or music supplement, check these deadlines too, as they tend to be earlier than application deadlines. Please include an art or music resume with your supplement.