Davis Degree Applicants

How to apply to Wellesley College
as a Davis Degree candidate

If you are over 24 and have not completed your bachelor's degree, you may apply online to the Elisabeth Kaiser Davis Degree Program.

To apply to the Wellesley College Davis Degree Program, you must use the Common Application. Go to: www.commonapp.org. It’s free to apply to Wellesley through the Common App. Wellesley does not have an application fee, as we want everyone, regardless of ability to pay, to feel they can apply.

  • Be sure to first identify yourself as a transfer applicant when you register with the Common App.
  • ​Then, when prompted, please specify that you are a Davis Degree applicant.
  • The application deadline for U.S. citizens is March 1. The application deadline for international students applying for financial aid is January 15.

To apply, please follow the steps below:  (1) Complete and submit the Common Application and (2) Submit required credentials.

1. Complete and submit the Common Application: www.commonapp.org
Write one personal essay

Write one personal essay for all the schools to which you apply via the Common App.  This essay is important, as it provides you with an excellent opportunity for reflection and for communicating to colleges what they should know about you, your educational path, and your reasons for continuing. As you will have only one major essay to write, we hope it will represent your best efforts. 

Indicate your decision plan

As an applicant for the Davis Degree Program, you may only apply for Fall entry. 

Answer college-specific questions Answer any college-specific questions and complete any additional college-specific supplements.  
Complete the Wellesley- specific essay 

The required Wellesley “Writing Supplement,” asks you to respond to the following in two well-developed paragraphs.

When choosing a college community, you are choosing a place where you believe that you can live, learn, and flourish. Generations of inspiring women have thrived in the Wellesley community, and we want to know what aspects of this community inspire you to consider Wellesley.  We know that there are more than 100 reasons to choose Wellesley, but the “Wellesley 100” is a good place to start. Visit the Wellesley 100 (www.wellesley.edu/admission/100) and let us know, in two well-developed paragraphs, which two items most attract, inspire, or energize you and why. (p.s. “Why” matters to us.)


2. Submit the following required credentials:
1. High School Transcript

You will need to submit an official transcript from the high school from which you graduated. If you received a High School Certificate of Equivalency, official G.E.D. scores, and a high school transcript for the years you attended are required.  Although we require your final high school transcript, we do not need the Secondary School Report.

2. College Transcript 

You will need to submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended. The form for requesting this information should be sent to the Registrar of the colleges you attended. You should check with the school for procedures and fee information before requesting a transcript. Transcripts must be sent directly from the college.

3. College Instructor Evaluation/Registrar Report

Three evaluations/recommendations are required. Please send an evaluation form to each person you intend on using as a reference. Recent academic evaluations are preferred. If you are currently enrolled at a college, one of these recommendations must be the Registrar Report. If you have been out of school for several years and are therefore unable to obtain academic evaluations, you may submit one from an employer or supervisor in community activities where you have worked. Evaluations/recommendations from friends and relatives are discouraged. 

4. Mid-Term Report (only if you are currently taking courses) The Mid-Term Report must be completed by any applicant who is currently enrolled in courses. Please list the courses that you will be taking during the spring semester on this form and return it to our office by March 20.  The point of the form is for us to get a sense of how you are doing in your current coursework, so it helps to have it filled out closer to mid-terms. If you turn in a form with no grades, it will not be considered in your file.
5. Updated Resume Please provide us with a current resume.
6. Interview

Interviews are required for Davis Degree applicants. You can schedule an interview any time during the year, but arrangements should be made at least two weeks before the admission application deadline of March 1. Spots often fill quickly as the deadline approaches, so please schedule your interview as soon as possible. Late requests will not be honored.

  • On-campus interview: Call the Board of Admission at 781.283.2270 to make an appointment for an on-campus interview.
  • Off-campus interview: For those living outside the region, it is possible that an off-campus interview with a Wellesley alumna can be arranged. To request an off-campus interview with an alumna interviewer near your hometown, please complete the off-campus interview request form.



"Wellesley is interested in candidates who are intellectually curious, who think critically, who ask questions, and who grapple with
the answers.”

—Jennifer C. Desjarlais, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


More Questions?

For more information for international students, transfer students, testing, or other topics, see the list of all FAQ. We also answer a lot of FAQ about financial aid. You can always contact the Admission Office at 781.283.2270 or email admission@wellesley.edu.