FAQ Standardized Testing

What standardized tests do I need to take to apply to Wellesley?

Current high school seniors who are planning to apply to Wellesley must take the  College Board Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT Reasoning and SAT Subject Tests) or the test of the American College Program (ACT with Writing Test).

If you take the SAT: Two SAT Subject Tests of choice are also required. For students who are pursuing quantitative subjects such as mathematics, biology, neuroscience, etc., we strongly encourage you to take at least one quantitative SAT Subject test.

If you take the ACT: Wellesley requires the ACT with Writing Test.

If you plan to apply as an Early Decision applicant, we strongly recommend that you complete the tests before the end of your junior year or no later than October of your senior year.

What are my "Score Choice" options?

The College Board recently instituted Score Choice, a new score reporting policy, whereby students can choose which scores to send, either by test date for the SAT Reasoning Test or by individual test for the SAT Subject Tests. When you sign up for a standardized test, you have the option of releasing the scores to Wellesley College. Wellesley records and reviews only your top scores from each SAT Reasoning section (Critical Reading, Math, or Writing) and SAT Subject or ACT sitting. Wellesley uses only your highest individual test scores to make our final admission decision. Therefore, sending all your scores will not have a negative impact on your application for admission. You may, however, choose to send only the scores from your highest test sittings.

The code required to submit scores to Wellesley College is 3957.

Are standardized test scores an important factor in evaluating candidates?

When you apply to Wellesley College, the Board of Admission—admission professionals, current Wellesley students, and professors—will review your application in its entirety. You will be evaluated on the strength of your high school courses, grades, teacher recommendations, test scores, extracurricular activities, and other information you choose to submit. Readers on the Board of Admission use judgment and sensitivity in evaluating standardized testing.

Standardized testing alone is not a good indicator of a student's ability to succeed at Wellesley. However, when used in conjunction with the high school transcript, these test scores are helpful in providing additional insight into a student's academic readiness for Wellesley.

What are Wellesley's recommendations regarding the timing of taking the SATs or ACTs?

Wellesley recommends that you complete your SAT and/or ACT testing at least one month prior to the application deadline of the college(s) to which you plan to apply. You will feel less rushed—and perhaps more confident—in sitting for these exams if you know you have allowed ample time for your official scores to reach admission offices. Admission offices that require standardized testing typically will not begin to read a student's application until her testing profile is complete.

When should I rush test scores?
Scores should be rushed only if they are released by you to admission officers at the last possible moment. Rushing is a costly option that does not often guarantee a quicker turnaround, and we encourage students to utilize the rush service only in last-minute circumstances.
What are typical test scores for students admitted to Wellesley? Are there "cutoffs" in terms of what scores do or do not indicate an admissible candidate?

No, Wellesley does not employ any "cutoff" scores. See applicant test scores for Wellesley's Class of 2017.


Standardized Tests

What. Wellesley requires that applicants take the SAT Reasoning Test and two Subject Tests or the ACT with Writing.

When. We strongly recommend that Early Decision candidates take standardized tests (either SAT or ACT) no later than October of their senior year.