Standardized Tests

First-year applicants must take the following tests and submit their scores to Wellesley College.  

Standardized Test Information
SAT Testing Go to the College Board  website. Wellesley’s SAT school code_#: 3957
ACT Testing Go to the ACT website. Wellesley’s ACT school code_#: 1926.
TOEFL Go to the TOEFL website. Not required but recommended for students who have not studied for at least five years in an English-based curriculum.

Redesigned SATs:

The College Board launched a redesign of its SAT college admission exams in March 2016.  The purpose of this redesign is to focus on essential skills and knowledge and to make the exams clearer, more open, and more closely aligned with challenging classroom work. Students and teachers will know what is covered on the exam. The College Board says that these exams will be clearer and more open than ever before.
If you will be graduating from high school in 2017, it’s likely you will be taking both the current and redesigned SAT tests.   Wellesley will accept current as well as redesigned SAT scores, as will most other institutions. Read more about the redesigned SAT tests and why these changes were made. 
After March 2016 students will take the redesigned SAT, which includes Evidence-Based Reading and Writing plus Math. Wellesley does not require the optional Essay.  Students should also take two SAT Subject Tests (see paragraph below to request a waiver).  Compare the current and redesigned SAT tests

SAT Subject Test Waiver
Students who submit the SAT are required to also submit two SAT Subject Tests. However, students may request a waiver of the Subject Test requirement if the cost of taking the Subject Tests represents a financial hardship or if other circumstances would make taking the Subject Tests a hardship for an applicant. Please contact the Admission Office at or call 781-283-2270 if you wish to request a Subject Test waiver.  Note: Students who submit the ACT with Writing are not required, or expected, to submit SAT Subject Tests.

When to take tests: 

We strongly recommend that Early Decision candidates take standardized tests (either SAT or ACT) no later than November of their senior year. However, it is recommended that you complete the tests before the end of your junior year. Regular Decision applicants should complete standardized tests no later than the December test date in their senior year. See test dates below:

Anticipated SAT Test Dates, 2016 - 2017
Test Date Registration Deadline Online Score Release
October 1, 2016 September 1, 2016 late October
November 5, 2016 October 7, 2016 late November
December 3, 2016 November 3, 2016 late December
January 21, 2017 December 21, 2017 mid February
May 6, 2017 April 7, 2017 late May
June 3, 2017 May 9, 2017 late June
ACT Assessment with Writing Test Dates,  2016 - 2017
Test Date
You must now go to the ACT website and specify your location to find a test date and test center. Typically there are tests in October, December, February, April, and June.



See FAQ for more about standardized testing and "score choice" options and the "redesigned SATs."