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Martha and Refilwe

Wellesley College is pleased to welcome its first two MasterCard Foundation Scholars: Martha Awya '17 from Kenya and Refilwe Kotane '17 from South Africa.

Martha and Refilwe reflect on their first semester at Wellesley.

Martha Awya '17 hopes to improve access to healthcare

Martha (above left) a MasterCard Foundation Scholar from Emmabwi, Kenya, graduated from Moi Girls High School. Her future goal is to improve access to healthcare for people in need. The closest hospital near her home is 20 kilometers sway. Her dream is to become a cardiovascular surgeon and head of cardiology at a local Kenyan hospital. Very few women hold these positions in her country, so she hopes to become one of them. Martha is also considering studying economics, as she hopes to be "economically empowered as a woman."

Refilwe Kotane '17 aims to be among South Africa's strong-willed female leaders

MasterCard Foundation Scholar Refilwe (above right) hails from Pretoria, South Africa. At school she was a debater, an athlete, and the president of the Generation Earth Club. She would like to study biochemistry and eventually open her own pharmacy to provide care for the neediest of families. Refilwe was particularly attracted to Wellesley because of the College's history of developing female leaders. She wrote, "South Africa is ready for strong-willed, innovative female leadership, and I am confident that with the right undergraduate education, I will be able to claim this responsibility."

Wellesley looks forward to welcoming these promising, talented young African women to Wellesley, where they will pursue their intellectual passions and curiosities through a liberal arts education. We will ask them to think critically about the needs of Africa and how they can make a difference.  Beyond the classroom, students will have the chance to develop their leadership skills through participation in student organizations, service projects, and internships. They will emerge with the expertise and preparation to become the future women leaders on the continent of Africa.



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