Nontraditional Students

The Nontraditional Student Community at Wellesley:
Davis Scholars and Postbaccalaureate Students

The Davis Degree Program

The Elisabeth Kaiser Davis Degree Program affords women beyond traditional college age who have not completed a bachelor's degree the opportunity to pursue one of the best liberal arts educations available. Designed with the needs of the returning student in mind, the Davis Degree Program gathers women from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, providing them a fully engaged college experience, and in the process creating an extraordinary community. 

Women of all ages (over 24 years) may explore the possibilities of earning a bachelor of arts degree at their own pace at Wellesley.

Learn more about the Davis Degree Program:

Who Becomes a Davis Scholar?

Davis Scholars are mothers, veterans, ballerinas, workers, travelers...or any woman with a passion to pursue the college degree that she was unable to during the typical 18- to 22-year-old period of life. Their diversity is united by their common desire and motivation to embrace a challenging and life-changing academic goal.

Apply to the Davis Degree Program

Complete an online application for the Davis Degree Program. The $50 application fee is waived.  Please review the application instructions and then complete the following, plus provide supporting credentials:

  • The CommonApp for Transfers on the CommonApp website

The admission deadline for all domestic candidates (including those who are applying for financial aid and those who are not) and international candidates who are not applying for financial aid is March 1.  The admission deadline for international students who are applying for financial aid is January 15.

Schedule an Interview

Interviews are required for Davis Degree applicants. You can schedule an interview any time during the year, but arrangements should be made at least two weeks before the admission application deadline of March 1. Because slots can fill up quickly, it is best to schedule this as early as possible.

You may call the Board of Admission at 781.283.2270 to make an appointment for an on-campus interview. For those living outside the region, it is possible that an off-campus interview with a Wellesley alumna can be arranged. To request an off-campus interview with an alumna interviewer near your hometown, please complete the Off-Campus Interview Request Form.

Davis Campus Day 

A Davis Campus Day will be held on campus on Friday, November 22, 2013. This program provides potential applicants with an opportunity to learn more about the Davis Degree Program and the application process, as well as to and speak with admission counselors. During a Davis Campus Day, you may also attend a class and meet some current Davis Scholars. Learn more

The Postbaccalaureate Study Program

If you have already earned a bachelor's degree, but seek further undergraduate studies for a specific purpose, The Postbaccalaureate Study Program at Wellesley is designed for you. The Postbaccalaureate Study Program is a non-degree, non-certificate program, open to men and women. There is no financial aid or campus housing for postbaccalaureate students.

You may want to take courses at Wellesley to prepare for graduate school, make a career change, or simply enrich your personal life. Many students take courses to prepare for application to medical school. Whatever their interests and future plans, postbaccalaureate students choose Wellesley because the College offers an outstanding balance of academic rigor and support especially suited to their needs.

Create Opportunities and Explore Options

Most postbaccalaureate students are at a point of transition in their lives. They come to
Wellesley to create opportunities for themselves and to explore new options. They choose
Wellesley because the College offers an outstanding balance of academic rigor and support
especially suited for their needs. Wellesley combines all of the elements that make their
return to college intellectually challenging and personally rewarding.


Strong and Accessible Faculty, Small Classes

A broad and intensive liberal arts curriculum offers students access to over 50 areas of study, 
ranging from economics to women's studies, classical civilization studies to technology studies.
Students may select Wellesley courses to fit their individual goals.  A strong and accessible faculty, favorable faculty/student ratio (7:1), and small classes afford personal attention. There are numerous opportunities for individual exploration. 
It is important that postbaccalaureate students understand that because of our size,
most courses have limited enrollment. The College cannot guarantee registration for any specific
course they may wish to take. Priority is given to the upper-class students first and then entering
students each semester.

Access to all Wellesley College Facilities and Services

At Wellesley, students may attend daytime classes alongside traditional-age undergraduates,
and whether they choose to study on a part- or full-time basis, they have access to
the full support of Wellesley’s Continuing Education network and to all the facilities
and services of Wellesley College—from the sports center to the computer labs.

Preparation for Graduate School

Wellesley’s stimulating intellectual community and strong curriculum also provide an
outstanding arena to prepare for graduate study in almost any discipline. Small classes
and labs and an excellent teaching faculty make Wellesley the perfect environment to
brush up on knowledge and skills and to meet entrance requirements. 
Postbaccalaureate students prepare for graduate school entrance in areas as varied as
anthropology, architecture, biology, chemistry, geology, music, and psychology as they
create new career opportunities for themselves.

Premedical Studies

Premedical study at Wellesley prepares students for graduate work in medicine, dental
medicine, and veterinary medicine in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than
competition. Students who enter the program come from many different backgrounds—
from science-related careers to law, education, and business. Many are recent college
graduates who majored in a nonscientific field and now want to pursue a medical career.
The program includes a core of courses that are required by most medical schools:
one year each of biological sciences, with lab; inorganic chemistry, with lab; organic
chemistry, with lab; physics, with lab; one semester to one year of calculus; and one year of English.

Flexibility in Premedical Program

Flexibility is a strong component of Wellesley’s postbaccalaureate premedical program.
Students who have completed some of the required courses before coming to Wellesley
need not take the full premedical curriculum. They may select courses that meet their
individual needs.

Health Professions Advisor

The Health Professions Advisor is available to assist postbaccalaureate students thinking
of graduate school. Those who complete at least four of the required premed courses at
Wellesley may seek the formal support of the Health Professions Advisory Committee
throughout the medical school application process. An advisor from the Committee
helps with medical school applications, writes a composite letter of recommendation on
behalf of the Committee, provides practice for medical school interviews, and offers
individualized advice. Postbaccalaureate students from Wellesley attend many of the best health professional schools in the country.

Academic Advising

The Dean of Continuing Education will serve as the postbaccalaureate students’ overall
academic advisor throughout their studies. Faculty in the individual departments will
guide students as they plan their specific academic program. The Health Professions
Advisor will assist students who are enrolling in premedical studies.


On-campus housing is not available to postbaccalaureate students. However, the
Greater Boston area offers a wide array of rental opportunities within a short commute
from the campus.


Postbaccalaureate students are not eligible for financial assistance from Wellesley
College. The cost of tuition for postbaccalaureate study is prorated by the number of
courses taken. A complete schedule of costs and fees can be found in the Wellesley
College Bulletin or on the application instruction sheet in the application materials.
Postbaccalaureate students are responsible for all costs and fees related to their attendance.


Admission to the Postbaccalaureate Study Program at Wellesley College is selective and
competitive. You must have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree to be eligible to
In evaluating prospective postbaccalaureate candidates, the Board of Admission looks
for evidence of intellectual ability and initiative to meet the challenges of Wellesley
course work. Your previous academic performance at the college level is the most
important criterion. Work and volunteer activities are also considered in evaluating
your candidacy.
There are several steps you must complete before being considered for admission. They are:
• A personal interview with a Wellesley admission representative;
• Completion of the application with essay;
• Submission of two letters of recommendation;
• Submission of all official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended;
• High school transcript and SAT I scores (for premedical applicants only).
Download an application form here:

The application deadline for fall semester entrance is March 1 and the deadline for
spring semester entrance is November 15
Candidates are encouraged to start the application process well in advance of the
deadlines. Applicants should call the Board of Admission to make an appointment for
an interview. You may schedule an interview any time during the year, but arrangements
should be made at least two weeks before the admission application deadline.
For those living outside the region, a phone interview can be scheduled with an admission counselor.  Please note that students admitted to the program cannot defer enrollment. For further information on all admission procedures, contact the Wellesley Board of Admission.



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For further information on all admission procedures, candidates can contact the Wellesley College Board of Admission.

Board of Admission
Wellesley College
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481-8203

Phone: 781.283.2270
Fax: 781.283.3678


Readmission to Wellesley
Applicants who have been previously matriculated as degree candidates at Wellesley must apply for readmission through the Office of Advising and Academic Support Services, rather than through the Admission Office. Please call Dean John O'Keefe at 781.283.2325 or email for more information.


Davis &
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