Transfer Students

Each year Wellesley accepts a small number of transfer students for entrance in either September or January.

In order to receive a Wellesley College degree, a student must complete at least two years (16 units) of course work at the College. The Board of Admission expects to see at least two full semesters of course work completed at another college or university for transfers. Therefore, only incoming sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply. Please note that any transfer student that is 24 years or older must apply as a Davis scholar.  Click here for more information regarding that program. 

You must submit high school credentials, which will be considered in conjunction with your performance at the college level. Transfer students may have attended accredited four- or two- year private or public U.S. institutions. With very few exceptions, candidates who wish to apply from universities abroad must apply for first-year admission.

Please note: International students who are attending U.S. institutions and are seeking financial aid may only apply for fall entrance and must submit their admission application by January 15.

Application Requirements & Deadlines

You must complete and submit the Common Application online at Please be sure to identify yourself as a transfer applicant when you register.

See How to Apply as a transfer student.

Candidates applying for entrance in September must submit the application and all supporting credentials by the application deadline, March 1. Those applying for January entrance must submit the application and all supporting credentials by November 1.  There is no application fee.  

Applicants will be alerted if credentials are missing. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up on the status of missing credentials and to check with the Admission Office to see if they have been received.

Credentials Required

  • Completion of the online Common Application for transfer candidates.
  • Official SAT Reasoning or ACT scores. Results must be released to Wellesley College from the testing agency. SAT Subject Tests are not required of transfers, but may be sent as supplemental material. Contact the testing agency for info about dates, times, and examination centers. Applicants are responsible for requesting The College Board or ACT to send scores directly to Wellesley College. (The College Board school code for Wellesley is 3957. The ACT school code for Wellesley is 1926.) Please note: SAT or ACT scores are not required for applicants currently enrolled in community colleges.
  • Official college transcript(s) from each college attended. Student or online copies not accepted. Please arrange for the college(s) to send official copies directly to Wellesley's Board of Admission.
  • Official secondary school final transcript sent directly from the high school with school seal or stamp affixed.
  • Two Instructor Evaluations. Wellesley requires letters from instructors who know students through academic courses. Letters from advisors may only be submitted as supplementary material.
  • College Official's Report completed by your academic advisor or dean.
  • Mid-Term Report 
  • Interviews—either at Wellesley or with an alumna in your area—are recommended but not required.
  • To request an off-campus interview with an alumna in your region, please complete the Off-Campus Interview Request Form. Please note that the deadline for requesting an interview is two weeks before the admission deadline.

Notification of Candidates

Applicants for entrance in September will be notified of the Board of Admission decision in late May. Applicants for entrance in January will be notified of the Board of Admission decision in mid December.

Credit Evaluation Guidelines

Wellesley does not automatically grant credit for courses taken at other colleges. Each candidate’s record is evaluated according to Wellesley’s degree requirements and the accreditation of the institutions under consideration. Credit is only given for those courses which are comparable to courses offered in the liberal arts and sciences curriculum at Wellesley. Credit is not given to courses taken online. A tentative evaluation concerning the transferal of credits will be made by the registrar at the time of the offer of admission. For more information, see Transfer Credit Guidelines.


Since much of student life at the College revolves around the residence halls, most students choose to live on campus. However, any student who wishes to live off campus may do so.

Special Programs

All transfer students may take courses through the cross-registration program with MIT. Incoming sophomore transfers may take part in the Twelve College Exchange or Junior Year Aboard Programs. All transfers may take advantage of the many internships Wellesley offers during the academic year, Wintersession, and summer.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to transfer students. Wellesley admits transfer students from U.S. colleges and universities only. Any student who wishes to apply from an international college or university must apply as a first-year student, not as a transfer student, and must abide by the January 15 first-year application deadline. Please refer to the application instructions for information on international admission and financial aid, as financial aid for international students is limited, and competition for these funds is extremely keen. International students already enrolled in four-year universities or colleges inside the United States, and who require financial aid, must also abide by the January 15 first-year application deadline.

Transfer applicants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who wish to apply for financial aid must file the following forms: the Wellesley College Financial Aid Application, the Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA), and the College Board Entering Student Profile.

The College Scholarship Service Profile is distributed to secondary schools and colleges in the fall. Forms may be obtained on the web at These forms, along with answers to many commonly asked financial aid questions, can be found on the Student Financial Services (financial aid) web pages.

The financial aid deadline is March 1 for students seeking entrance in September, and November 1 for students seeking entrance in January. Students who are admitted and have applied for aid will receive notification of any financial aid award with their letter of admission.

Readmission to Wellesley

Applicants who have been previously matriculated as degree candidates at Wellesley must apply for readmission through the Office of Advising and Academic Support Services, rather than through the Admission Office. Please call Dean John O'Keefe at 781.283.2325 or email him at for more information.

Transfer Admission for Students Studying at a University Outside the United States.

If you wish to transfer to Wellesley from an international university, you must apply for admission as a first-year student. Following admission and arrival on campus in the fall, you can then request a credit evaluation of your previously completed university courses; some of your earlier academic work may be applied toward the fulfillment of Wellesley's requirements. Credit will be granted only for those courses determined by the College's registrar to be comparable to courses in Wellesley's curriculum. Please note that in order to gain credit for previous coursework, you must first successfully complete one year of study at Wellesley.



Readmission to Wellesley
Applicants who have been previously matriculated as degree candidates at Wellesley must apply for readmission through the Office of Advising and Academic Support Services, rather than through the Admission Office. Please call Dean John O'Keefe at 781.283.2325 or email for more information.


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