Transfer Student FAQ

Who may apply?

Rising sophomores and juniors from accredited two- and four-year private and public institutions in the United States may apply. Students in the first semester of their first year at any college or university are not eligible for admission. Since the College requires that students complete at least four semesters of coursework at Wellesley in order to earn a degree, rising seniors are also ineligible for transfer admission.

How do I apply?

Wellesley College accepts the online Common Application. Please identify yourself as a transfer applicant when registering.

When are the admission application deadlines?

Applicants who wish to enroll in January must apply by November 1. They will receive their decisions in mid-December. Applicants who wish to enroll in September must apply by March 1; the College will notify these students of their decisions in late May. The deadlines for admission applications and financial aid applications are the same, except for international students seeking financial aid (see below).

What credentials are required?

  • The Common Application for Transfers
  • Official college transcript(s) from each college you attended sent directly from that college to Wellesley College. Student and online copies are not acceptable.
  • Official secondary school final transcript affixed with that school’s seal or stamp sent directly from the school to Wellesley College.
  • Two (2) instructor evaluations from instructors who are familiar with your work in core academic classes. Letters from instructors in your stated area of interest are particularly helpful. Letters from advisors will be accepted as supplementary recommendations only.
  • College Official’s Report completed by your academic advisor or dean.
  • Mid-Term Report  

What if I applied before?

If you applied to Wellesley in an earlier year or semester either as a first-year or transfer candidate, you will need to submit your application again. However, if you submitted official test scores as part of an earlier application, we may still have them in our database.

Are test scores required?

If you have previously taken either the SAT I, the SAT Subject Tests, or the ACT, you should submit those scores to Wellesley College. Students should contact the respective testing agencies in order to request that an official copy be sent directly to Wellesley College. The College Board school code for Wellesley College is 3957. The ACT school code for Wellesley College is 1926. Please note: SAT or ACT scores are not required for applicants currently enrolled in community colleges.

Is an interview required?

We highly recommend that a student sit for an interview, but do not require it. Please call 781.283.2270 to schedule an on-campus interview. To request an off-campus interview with an alumna in your area, please visit: The window to schedule an off-campus interview opens in early September and closes on the application deadline date. Whether scheduling an on- or off-campus interview, you must make your request at least two weeks in advance.

Are the financial aid policies the same for transfer students as they are for first-years?

Yes. Wellesley’s admission process is need-blind for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and the College guarantees to meet 100 percent of every admitted student’s demonstrated financial need. For more information about financial aid at Wellesley, please visit:

How do I apply for financial aid?

**Please see below for information about financial aid for international students.**

For U.S. citizens and permanent residents, the deadlines for financial aid applications are the same as the admission application deadlines (see above). Students must submit the FAFSA, College Profile, and financial aid transcript from their most recent college. Please visit for more information.

Will my credits transfer?

The Wellesley College Registrar provides an evaluation of each admitted student’s transfer credits for inclusion in her admit packet. Credit is only given for those courses that are comparable to courses offered at Wellesley. Due to the volume of transfer applications, the Registrar is not able to provide an estimate of transferable credits prior to the mailing of decision letters. For more information about transfer credits, please visit:

Is housing guaranteed for transfer students?

Yes, housing is guaranteed for all Wellesley students. Students are not required to live in College housing, but nearly 98 percent of the student body chooses to do so.

Can I still study abroad?

Rising sophomore transfer students will still have time to take part in junior year abroad or the Twelve College Exchange. Since students must spend a minimum of four semesters at Wellesley in order to obtain a Wellesley degree, it is not possible for rising juniors to fit those options into their schedule. However, all transfer students may participate in the many internships and Wintersession programs, some of which take place abroad. All transfer students are also eligible to take courses through our cross-registration programs at MIT, Brandeis, Babson, and Olin.

I am enrolled in a college or university outside of the United States; can I apply to transfer?

No, you may not apply as a transfer student. Wellesley admits transfer students from U.S. colleges and universities only. Any student who wishes to apply to Wellesley College from an institution outside of the United States must apply as a first-year student and submit her application by the first-year application deadline, January 15.

I am neither a U.S. Citizen nor a permanent resident. Am I eligible for admission and financial aid?

As financial aid for international students is limited, admission to Wellesley for international students is need-sensitive and competition is extraordinarily keen. International students who are currently enrolled in colleges or universities within the United States and who would require financial assistance if they were to transfer to Wellesley must apply by January 15 for admission to the fall semester, beginning in September. You may not apply for admission to the spring semester. International students who are currently enrolled in colleges or universities within the United States who do not require financial assistance may abide by the deadlines listed in question three. If you did not find an answer to your question here, please call 781.283.2270.


Readmission to Wellesley
Applicants who have been previously matriculated as degree candidates at Wellesley must apply for readmission through the Office of Advising and Academic Support Services, rather than through the Admission Office. Please call Dean John O'Keefe at 781.283.2325 or email for more information.


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