Student Account FAQ

Who gets the eBill? Can you send a copy of the eBill to my parents? When is payment due?
The eBill follows you. eBills are sent in any month there is an outstanding balance on your account. Current students may view their account detail online 24 hours a day. You may add shared users to your eBill account. Shared users can then log in and view the eBill. The fall payment due date is July 26. The spring payment due date is January 3.
How do I figure out how much I owe?
By deducting the memo balance from the total due, you can arrive at the amount owed. Please note that outside resources; i.e., scholarships or private student loans, do not appear as a memo, but may be deducted after confirming documentation has been provided to SFS.
Am I required to make payment if I did not receive my e-Bill?
Yes. Payment is due whether or not you receive an eBill. Current students may view their eBill and/or their account detail online 24 hours a day. Payment is due by the published deadline and you are responsible for timely payment. It is up to you to update your address with the Registrar's Office if you have a change in your mailing or eBill address.
Should I make a payment if I don't know what my financial aid package will be?
Yes. If by the due date the Financial Aid award has not yet been finalized, you should make a payment based on the previous year, if applicable. If you are participating in the payment plan, upon notification of your award, you may either increase or decrease the amount of your contract. Any balance due must be paid immediately to the College.
Why isn't my work study award credited to my account?
Work opportunity authorized by the Financial Aid award does not show as a memo or credit on the eBill because the funds haven't yet been earned.
What is a memo?
A memo is any amount or payment that is expected but the requirements or payment have yet to be completed. Examples of memo credits are Perkins Loan (for which a student has yet to sign a Promissory Note or Entrance Interview) or a TMS monthly payment plan which has yet to be paid in full.
Why doesn't my scholarship show up in the memo balance?
Students receiving outside scholarship awards must provide acceptable documentation prior to the published payment deadline. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of an award letter, billing authorization, or sponsorship letter. Unless specifically stated in the sponsorship letter, all outside scholarships will be evenly applied to the fall and spring semesters.
Why am I still receiving a statement when I have a memo that will cover the balance?
You will continue to receive notices until the College has received the memo amount and it has been posted to your account.
I am going on a study away program next semester. What do I do as far as paying my bills and transferring my loans?
All Wellesley College students who study abroad pay regular Wellesley College tuition for their semester or year abroad, in lieu of tuition payments to the host institution. Room, board, and other fees will vary by program and need to be paid directly to the host institution by the student. Financial aid, including loans, do not transfer; they pay directly to your Wellesley student account. If you have an overpayment on your account, you may request a refund to pay outstanding charges at your host institution.
I am going on a domestic study away program. What do I do as far as paying my bills and transferring my loans?
Students who are billed by Wellesley College for their study away program will pay Wellesley College. Students who are billed by the study away institution must pay the host institution directly. Students who receive financial aid must complete a Refund Request Form once aid posted to their student account results in a credit balance. The refund check will be made payable to the student and be in U.S. dollars.
Do you have a payment plan?
You may pay monthly through Tuition Management Systems' interest-free monthly payment plan. Instead of lump-sum payments, the TMS plan allows you to pay all or part of your educational expenses in monthly installments. You may use the TMS Plan to pay your balance after financial aid or in combination with other loans.
How do I figure out how much to budget with TMS?
The comprehensive fee (tuition, fees, room and board) for the current academic year plus the insurance (unless waived) less any financial aid, will determine your yearly TMS contract amount. You may contact TMS as early as April to establish an estimated contract. Please remember to budget with TMS for the year. TMS is not responsible for this decision and will make changes only upon your request.
I am on the TMS monthly payment plan. Why is there a balance on my account?
By enrollinf in the TMS monthly payment plan, your account receives a memo credit each semester for your budgeted contract amount.  The memo will decrease as individual payments are completed and posted to your student account.  If a balance due still remains after you deduct your memo credit, you may have under-budgeted your contract. You may view your account on line to determine the amount outstanding. You can pay this amount in full to Tuition Management Systems or contact TMS to increase your contract.
My TMS contract was terminated. How is this reflected on my account? What do I do now?
Once Wellesley College receives notification from TMS of a termination or a cancellation, your student account will be updated to reflect the amount paid to date. Any remaining balance is due immediately to the College. You may reinstate your TMS contract by completing all past due payments to TMS to bring the account current.
I am being charged for the standard meal plan charge, but would like to be exempt from the meal plan because I'm living in a Co-op. What should I do?
You must contact the Office of Residence Life to request a change in your meal plan. Once SFS receives a confirmation from the Office of Residence Life regarding this change we can update your account. Please note that until notification is received you are responsible for the balance on your student account.
Why am I charged for the student medical insurance when I waived it last year?
According to Massachusetts state law, if you are enrolled more than three quarter time, you must be covered by an insurance plan that meets the Massachusetts Qualifying Student Medical Insurance Plan Requirements. All students are automatically billed each year for insurance, even if waived in a previous year. Each year a student must submit a completed online waiver form by July 26 in order to have the charge for coverage reversed, and to confirm continued coverage in another insurance plan.

What do I do if I have an infirmary charge, lock out fine, residence fine, library fine, or appealed my parking fine?

Inquiries regarding miscellaneous fines should be directed to the originating department, (i.e., Infirmary for infirmary charges.) Area Code and exchange for all numbers is 781.283

Department Ext. Department Ext.
Art  2042 Music  2077
Campus Police 2121 Registrar 2307
Clapp Library 2110 Residence 2679
Class Deans 2325 Science Library 3084
Dean of Students 2322 Students' Aid Society 2292
Housing & Transportation 2396 Summer Session 2200
International Services 2082    


How do I get a refund if there is a credit on my account?
Students with credit balances may request a refund by submitting a Refund Request Form or their name, the name to whom the check should be made payable*, student ID# or SS# and the address the check should be mailed to in writing to Student Financial Services, by email to or via fax to 781.283.3946. Please be sure your account reflects a credit balance. Refund requests will not be honored until there is an actual credit on a student's account. TMS participants must either wait until their contracts are paid in full or they may opt to decrease their budget by the amount of the credit. Allow 7 to 10 business days for processing.

*All refund checks will be direct deposited into the student's bank account. If a second party is listed on the Refund Request Form, a check will be issued and made payable to the student and/or the second party.

Why do I have a hold on my account?
A hold placed on a student account is due to an outstanding balance. Wellesley College requires the withholding of educational services, issuance of transcripts, and certifications of academic records from any person whose financial obligations to the College (including delinquent accounts, deferred balances, and liability for damage) are due and unpaid. Students who have a hold may be prevented from participating in add/drop, room lottery, registration, receiving or having a transcript mailed to another institution, and receiving their diplomas. The hold will remain on the student account until any outstanding balance has been resolved or all resources have been received.
Why was I charged a late fee? May I petition a late fee?
If you fail to meet the payment deadline, the account may be assessed a late payment fee every month until the balance is paid. Should you have an inquiry concerning a late payment fee, Student Financial Services will gladly respond after the account has been settled. Late fee disputes can be reviewed only if a written petition has been received. The petition should include the student's name and ID number, the term the late fee was charged and the circumstances to be reviewed.
My account is with a collection agency, can I arrange a payment plan with the college instead of the agency?
Once a student account has been placed with a collection agency, the student should discuss payment options directly with the agency.

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