Payment Policy

Full payment and/or acceptable documentation demonstrating that your balance will be paid in full must be received prior to the published deadline.

Acceptable documentation includes enrollment in the monthly payment plan, a copy of an award letter for an outside scholarship, or a copy of a billing authorization or sponsorship letter. Please note that loans based on the credit worthiness of the borrower may not be deducted without approval from the lender. A copy of an approval notice, including fund disbursement dates and amounts, will be accepted as documentation for this type of loan.

Please include the student's name and Wellesley College ID on all payments and correspondence. Please make your check payable to Wellesley College.

Students are responsible for monitoring their account balance and keeping track of payment due dates, even if someone else is handling the finances. Unless the student provides shared access to a third party via eBill, only the student will receive monthly statements. It is important to communicate with anyone paying the account.

There are potential consequences for not meeting payment responsibilities. Monthly late fees may be assessed on any balance remaining unpaid after the payment deadline and any overdue account could be placed in collections. Wellesley College also reserves the right to withhold services for unfulfilled financial obligation. This includes dropping students from class lists, preventing registration and add/drop, denying access to residence halls and participation in the housing process, accepting a place in an associated leave program (i.e., Junior Year Abroad program), receiving transcripts, or receiving a diploma.

Inquiries regarding late payment fees may be resolved after the account has been settled. Late fee disputes can be reviewed only if a written petition has been received. The petition should include the student's name and ID number, the term the late fee was charged, and the circumstances to be reviewed.

If any overdue obligation is referred to an outside agency or attorney for collection efforts, and/or legal suit, the debt is increased to cover all reasonable cost of collection, including collection agency fees and court costs. By registering for any class in the College, each student accepts and agrees to be bound by the foregoing College policy as applied to any preexisting or future obligation to the College.

Students placed on financial leave or placed with an outside collection agency must contact Student Financial Services once their account balance has been resolved to remove any financial conditions from their leave.


E-bill is Wellesley College’s official method for sending student account statements. Fall Semester E-bill statements will be sent in early July. Wellesley College must receive payment by July 26. Spring Semester E-bill statements will be sent in early December. Wellesley College must receive payment by January 3. E-bill statements will be sent any month in which there is an outstanding balance on the student account.

You may visit E-bill to make and confirm payments, view statements and add shared users. Current students may view their account detail on line 24 hours a day through MyWellesley.

Payment Due Dates

Term Due Date
Fall July 26
Winter January 3
Spring January 3
Summer I May 13
Summer II June 10

Please retain the statements for your records and share the contents with any family member or third party making payments. Unpaid accounts are subject to late payment fees. Charges incurred after the payment deadline, including those as a result of add/drop, music department charges, and parking and library fines, are due immediately and subject to late payment fees.

Late Fee Schedule

Payment Received - Fall Late Fee Payment Received - Spring Late Fee
On or before July 26 0.00 On or before January 3 0.00
July 27 - August 31 50.00 January 4 - January 31 50.00
September 1 - September 30 100.00 February 1 - February 28 100.00
October 1 - October 31 150.00 March 1 - March 31 150.00
November 1 - November 30 200.00 April 1 - April 30 200.00
As of December 1 250.00 As of May 1 250.00


Student Acknowledgment of Responsibility

As a part of the registration process, all students will be required to acknowledge the cost of tuition and relevant fees prior to on-line registration for each term. When registering students will be prompted with a screen which will state: "By my registration, I acknowledge that I am responsible for payment of my tuition account and related expenses. I understand the Student Financial Services will use my Wellesley College email as the primary method of communication.  I agree to pay all reasonable collection costs including attorney fees and other charges necessary for collection of this debt."

Students must agree to this statement by clicking on the "I agree" button and clicking on the "DONE" button before they may register for classes.This acknowledgement may be completed prior to the start of online registration.

Address Updates

It is important that you notify the Registrar’s Office of permanent mailing address changes. If your home address changes, or if you will be away for more than a month, please provide the Registrar's Office with the new address information.

International Study

Wellesley College students who study abroad pay regular Wellesley College tuition for their semester or year abroad, in lieu of tuition payments to the host institution. Room, board, and other fees will vary by program and need to be paid directly to the host institution by the student. Contact the Office of International Studies for more information regarding the costs of study abroad programs.