Student Employment FAQ

What types of work-study jobs are available?
Students are awarded two different types of work-study as part of their financial aid package:
  • Federal Work-Study – On-campus jobs and for off-campus jobs that require FWS eligibility
  • Wellesley Work – On-campus jobs only
Does a work- study award assure me of a job?
There is no job placement or guarantee of a job but students with work-study awards (Federal Work Study and Wellesley Work) have priority for on-campus jobs, especially during the first few weeks of the semester.
Can a work-study award be used to pay my student account?
No, work-study awards do not appear on the student account.  The only way to receive these funds is by working and getting paid for this work.  Students usually use these funds for personal expenses they incur during the year.
What happens if I don't use my work-study award?
Nothing happens to a student's financial aid if the work-study funds are not utilized.  Work-study will not be replaced by Wellesley Grant, but can be replaced by a loan, upon request.  Not using the award does not jeopardize future work-study awards.
Where and when can I look for a job and start to apply?
Students search for their own jobs by going to the Student Employment website.  Students can access this site without logging in but will need to set up a password to apply for jobs and to sign up for JobMail (receive automatic emails when jobs are listed as available). Many jobs require an on-line job application once a student knows her class schedule and available work times.
How soon can I expect to find a job, be hired, and get a first paycheck?
The job search and hiring process g enerally take several weeks.  Students should be prepared with their own funds during that time. 
Are jobs available for students without work-study awards?
Students without work-study may be hired for on-campus jobs after the first few weeks of the semester.
Other suggestions for non-work study jobs (mostly off-campus) include the following:
  • CollegeHelpers: A variety of non-work study, off-campus jobs are posted on this site, which offers free access to Wellesley College students to job postings in the area. Many of the jobs are for child care, tutoring, and local retail and may be short-term (one day) or may be long-term, lasting all years of attending Wellesley College.
  • In The Vil: There are a variety of merchants in the downtown Wellesley area ("The Vil") who hire Wellesley College students for part-time jobs.  Interested students are encouraged to check for signs in windows or ask about job availability in person.
  • Wellesley Fresh Dining Services: The College's dining services are managed by an outside vendor and employment is handled directly with them. Please see their website for further information.
Is there any paperwork required before I can work on-campus?
Yes there are some forms you must complete.  Please click here for more information.
How and when can I complete these requirements?
Documents and information to complete the I-9, Direct Deposit, and W-4 Forms should be brought to the Student Employment Office (436 Green Hall) to complete with a staff member.
Can International Students work and is the process any different?
Students with F1 and J1 visas can work on-campus. In addition to the standard procedures, international students need to secure a United States Social Security Number and complete tax information with the Controller's Office. Please refer to the following sites for additional information: and Visa regulations limit work hours to a maximum of 20 hours/week while school is in session.
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