Facts & Stats

Did you know...?

  • Admission for U.S. students and permanent residents is need-blind, without regard to a student’s financial aid status. In addition, we meet 100 percent of a student’s calculated financial need.
  • The financial need of admitted international students is also fully met. In addition, an international student’s family contribution is determined at the time of admission for remaining years, making college costs very predictable.
  • Among the Class of 2017, 60 percent of students  receive need-based financial aid. In 2013-2014, first-year students are receiving nearly $13.5 million in grant aid from Wellesley.
  • Grant aid totals nearly $53.5 million for all Wellesley students.
  • Our average grant (not including outside scholarships) is nearly $39,000.
  • Financial aid, along with the ability of our students to finish in four years, means that our real cost is often the same as, close to, or less than costs at public universities.
  • Since student loans relate to family economic resources, packaged loans for first-years range from $0 to $3,000.  Students who choose to borrow in excess of their packaged loans can still graduate with low loan debt.
  • Wellesley’s student employment program helps students cover about $2,000 of their expenses. Students also gain valuable work experiences (e.g., research) and references for future employment and admission to graduate programs.
  • Our aid program is funded mostly by donors who are graduates of Wellesley College. They value their education at Wellesley and are committed to opening the door for future students.