Student Profiles


  • Laila Alawa

    Truthfully, I enjoy studying anything that catches my interest and fills me with passion and energy for it.

  • Alixandra Binney

    Alixandra Binney

    [Members of the Wellesley volleyball team] were people I knew I could be myself with. They celebrated their quirks and were such a family; I knew this is what I’d need if I was going to be 3,000 miles away from home for four years.

  • Merene Botsio

    Merene Botsio

    I have learned that if you have a dream, you need to be fearless and pursue it, regardless of circumstance. Above all, I have learned to define and refine what my passion in life is, and I have developed the enthusiasm to follow this passion through to completion.


  • Isabel Custodio

    I absolutely love politics! I could talk about politics all day long and never be tired. Obviously, I intend to declare as a political science major.

  • Anna Diamond

    At Wellesley, I love how passionate the students are about learning. They care about their work and the effort they put into it.

  • Cassandra Duarte

    Wellesley is an awesome institution that truly offers its students precious opportunities that other colleges cannot even come close to.

  • Arvelea Freeman

    Arlevea Freeman

    If you want a college that will challenge you, motivate you, and let you meet the greatest women of our generation, then Wellesley College is the place for you. But always remember to bring the best you to any college campus.

  • Monica Gates

    Monica Gates

    I didn’t think I’d feel as comfortable at college as I do at home, and I wasn’t expecting an environment without my family to feel so normal. I love that everything’s so close, my friends are a two minute walk away, there are so many activities on campus, and I that I really enjoy living here.

  • Emily Grandjean

    Emily Grandjean

    This past semester, I pursued independent study in systems thinking and ecological economics with one of my favorite professors. We met weekly to discuss my progress and talk about what I had read for the week. I really valued the feedback and advice she gave me, as well as the opportunity to structure my own learning experience.

  • Phoebe Handler

    It took about an hour of my Spring Open Campus visit for me to realize that Wellesley was actually the perfect “fit” for me.

  • Alexandra Hatem

    I value the intellect I'm constantly exposed to at Wellesley, as well as the physical, economic, cultural, and emotional diversity that shape the approach any student will have to a question, issue, interest, or problem.

  • Davina Huang

    Davina Huang

    Imagine doing a presentation to the former president of the World Bank Jim Wolfensohn and hearing his compliments after that. Imagine talking to incredible women like alumna Ophelia Dahl and learning from them the way to balance work and family.

  • Olivia Hulme

    I chose Wellesley because of the outstanding opportunities in the science fields to become involved in research with a professor.

  • Aimee Kang

    Aimee Kang

    I often joke and say that I have seven roommates, though, because my hallmates are constantly in our room! Together, they represent Indonesia, Peru, Singapore, New York, Florida, and local Massachusetts.

  • Kellen Kartub

    Honestly, I never intended on choosing an all-women’s college…. But something about the campus really spoke to me, and I found myself hooked.

  • Shaina Lu

    It’s hard for me to pick my favorite [course], though so far, I’ve really been enjoying my language classes—Latin and Greek.

  • Samantha Malambo

    Samantha Malambo

    In the time that I have been at Wellesley, I have had the opportunity to travel to South Africa to research with a professor, travel to Ghana for a Wintersession class, and back to Ghana for a summer internship.


  • Nora Mishanec

    Nora Mishanec

    I hadn't been on campus longer than a couple of hours when I fell into a conversation with a group of student athletes.  When I told them that I was an ice hockey player, they got excited because they knew the field hockey team was looking for a few extra players.  They insisted that I talk to the coach…

  • Prerana Nanda

  • Temple Price

    I like psych! I intend to major in psychology and minor in English. My intent is to be a journalist or maybe some other type of nonfiction writer, but I think I could be a therapist too.

  • Christina Smith

    Know that with great determination and belief in yourself, you can do and be anything. Wellesley is here to help you with that.

  • Laura Yan

    I decided to pursue what I am truly passionate about and it has been such a great experience so far.