Aimee Kang
Major: English
Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Aimee Kang '13

Why did you choose Wellesley?

Living half way across the world and somehow always busy during school breaks, I had to do all my college shopping online. Just as one would look for customer reviews when considering any purchase online, I randomly contacted current students and alums in hopes of gaining a better insight into the schools. Immediately, Wellesley stood out from all others—no other school had students and alums more excited to talk at length about their amazing time at college! The more I heard about Wellesley, the more it felt perfect to me—like home, even from half way around the world. In particular, I was impressed by the number of alums who happily serve as host families to first-year international students (I have the most wonderful host mom and dad who still invite me over for Thanksgiving, every year) and who fly in from all around the world for reunions even after 75 years (I got to hear their incredible stories first hand at the Alumnae Reunion Weekend last June). Of course, there were other factors that I liked about Wellesley, including its reputation, size, location, and wealth of opportunities that are usually unavailable to students at large, co-educational universities—but in the end, I saw these student/alum responses and stories as the ultimate testaments to Wellesley's community and empowering undergraduate experience. I wasn't wrong!

What has been your most memorable class thus far?

There are so many memorable classes, but I definitely still look back on my “Writing 125” experience with the utmost fondness. The course topic was Privacy and the Law, and we examined actual court cases in great detail. I loved legal research and analysis so much that I immediately helped found the interdisciplinary Wellesley Law Journal upon completing the course, partly as a means to continue pursuing my own newfound passion. I know my classmates feel the same way about that class, as we still talk about Privacy and the Law whenever we see each other on campus. We even have a Facebook page dedicated to the class and professor!

What are you passionate about?

I regard the Wellesley Law Journal as my baby, especially since I've been with it since its conception. The WLJ provides the community with a means to actively explore and share fields of interest in relation to the law. Our E-Board has enjoyed the unique challenges of selecting, fact checking, editing, and preparing exceptional student and faculty work for publication. It has been absolutely rewarding to see the project take off, and I'm excited to see how it will evolve in the future!

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Lake Waban is definitely one of my favorites spots on campus -- it's breathtakingly gorgeous! I love to run around it, occasionally stopping to just admire its beauty and chat with others doing the same. The other day, I met an elderly couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. Apparently, he had followed the old Wellesley tradition and proposed to her after their third stroll around the lake. How sweet!

How have you changed during your time here?

I learned that it's okay to take the scenic route and trust that the seemingly disparate dots right now will somehow connect in the end. Rather than diving exclusively into my prospective major (economics) and selective extra-curricular activities, I made it a point to pursue all interests and doors that opened before me, regardless of how those activities might connect to my future career. I ended up assisting in neuroscience research, leading voter registration drives, conducting career workshops, founding a new campus publication, immersing myself in the world of admissions, connecting with other cultural organizations and fellowship groups in Boston, learning to row and SCUBA dive, playing in a jazz group, translating, teaching, traveling extensively -- and changing my major three times along the way. These invaluable experiences have allowed me to develop a stronger sense of self and a better understanding of the world from multiple perspectives.

Where is your roommate from?

My actual roommate, whom I've been rooming with ever since our first year, is from China. I often joke and say that I have seven roommates, though, because my hallmates are constantly in our room! Together, they represent Indonesia, Peru, Singapore, New York, Florida, and local Massachusetts. We initially bonded during our sophomore year while living together on the "Japan Corridor" (a hall in one of the dorms dedicated to students who want to learn about and promote the Japanese culture, as well as practice speaking Japanese on a daily basis). Now, they're like my second family. We have spontaneous sleepovers, midnight ramen parties, and regular restaurant outings to Boston. We break out into silly interpretive dances and belt out Disney medleys in the middle of conversations. We even travel together during breaks, sometimes!