Major: Biology, Psychology
Hometown: East Hampstead, New Hampshire

Laila Alawa '12

What's your primary academic interest?

Truthfully, I enjoy studying anything that catches my interest and fills me with passion & energy for it. But for my life choice, I think I'm pretty much set with a double major in biology and psychology. I have always been intrigued by the little pieces that fit together and make life go on, but on the other hand, everyday people interactions always fascinate me.

Have you been involved in research at Wellesley?

This year, I will be working with a social psychology professor, Professor Carli, on a research project potentially taking place in Boston. I will be looking into the different social roles men and women take in a science-related atmosphere. I am very, very thrilled and enthused to be working with Carli, who was my social psychology professor last semester. I will be receiving credit for this through a research course, 250H, in the Psych department.

What activities do you enjoy outside of your studies?

I am the lecture chair for the Wellesley Muslim Students Association, Al-Muslimat, and look forward to making even stronger connections with my (both) Wellesley and Muslim sisters. I'm publicity chair for the Wellesley Martial Arts Club, and can't wait to begin choreographing moves for our next big show. As a member, I'm also part of LEAP Self Defense, Bridging the Gap, Wellesley Arab Women, and the Student Admissions Representatives.

What excites you about Wellesley?

I don't really know how to concisely answer this question, because honestly, I love everything about Wellesley. This was my first choice school ever since I visited the campus as a high school sophomore, and coming here has been one of the best decisions in my life. I love the wonderful friends I've made, the professors I'm taking courses with, and the general go-do-it! atmosphere that dominates in that Wellesley bubble. And, ya know, weirdly enough - I always get a little tinge of excitement by the infamous Science Center.