Arvelea Freeman
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Arlevea Freeman '15

Why did you choose Wellesley?

I choose Wellesley because of the women I met on and off campus who continue to inspire and awe me. When I came for Fall Open Campus, I was overjoyed over the conversations, lessons, and new friends I was able to have. That was only over one weekend! I knew Wellesley was a place I could truly call home.

What has been your most memorable class thus far?

“Moral Philosophy 106” with Professor Corinne Gartner. She made me think about my morals, the ones portrayed at Wellesley, and the world in a new light. I felt free to explore and learn, but also to question, both alone and in a group. I feel that this class has helped me to analyze at a higher level.

What is your favorite Wellesley memory thus far?

By far, my favorite memory would be the weekend of the hurricane. My amazing FYM [First-Year Mentor] group decorated doors, watched movies (my first time watching Mean Girls), and truly bonded over being a first-year in college. I know I will remember this time until I am at least 100!

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The set of stairs on the back side of the Tower Court complex facing the lake. It was the first place I recognized from the Wellesley College admission DVD.

Describe an interesting interaction with a professor or dean.

Every time I visit Dean Lori Tenser [Dean of First-Year Students] is an interesting experience. She understands my goals, mindset, and abilities; though I always try to wear a new fascinator every time I visit her office!

What co-curricular activities do you enjoy?

Being a part of the Wellesley College Choir is an experience that has shaped my musical and social life. I’ve gotten the chance to learn Portuguese, Russian, and Latin, as well as make and eat the best blondies I have ever had, all while singing along to Cinderella, the musical with amazing singers.

What advice would you give a prospective student? 

If you want a college that will challenge you, motivate you, and let you meet the greatest women of our generation, then Wellesley College is the place for you. But always remember to bring the best you to any college campus.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I wear birds and feathers in my hair!