Davina Huang

Davina Huang
Major: History
Hometown: Singapore

Davina Huang '13

Why did you choose Wellesley?

I actually placed a deposit in another college but changed my mind after attending a Wellesley alumnae gathering in my hometown (Singapore). At the event, I met very accomplished Wellesley women who were not only confident in themselves, but also very eager to help me. That was when I first experienced the power of the Wellesley network and, even till now, I'm still keeping in touch with the alums I met back then.

What has been your most memorable class thus far?

I took a history class "China, Japan, and Korea in Comparative and Global Perspective" in my sophomore year and that class inspired me to become a history major. We analyzed the historical relationships between China, Japan, and Korea, and we discussed how these relationships shaped the trajectory of development and the power hierarchy of the region. Professor Pat Giersch was extremely insightful and knowledgeable and has been my major adviser since then!

What is your favorite Wellesley memory thus far?

My favorite Wellesley memory has to be the winter when I was a fellow at the Madeleine Korbel Albright Institute for Global Affairs! Imagine discussing global issues with 40 amazing Wellesley women with different majors and a range of impressive experiences. Imagine doing a presentation to the former president of the World Bank Jim Wolfensohn and hearing his compliments after that. Imagine talking to incredible women like alumna Ophelia Dahl and learning from them the way to balance work and family. Put all these together and you get the Albright experience! (OK, this is a serious understatement) The faculty-director of the Institute, Professor Joe Joyce, once told us that at the end of the Albright experience, we will make 40 new BFFLs (best friends for life). I think I just did that!

What is your favorite eating spot on campus?

Definitely Stone-Davis - also where I live! It is open till 10pm on weekends - definitely a savior for people like me who crave suppers!

How have you changed during your time here?

I came into Wellesley not knowing what to do with my life. I applied "undecided," thinking that I will find out during my four years in Wellesley. Now in my junior year, I have to say that I still don't have a blueprint for my life. But unlike the previous me, I am not afraid of that uncertainty because I have gained in Wellesley the drive and confidence to explore every opportunity that comes my way! Wellesley has opened my eyes to the range of possibilities in the future and has shown me that there is no one definition of success.

Have you participated in an internship?

Last summer, I was sponsored by Wellesley to do a teaching internship at a nursery in a Tibetan village in China. There, I discovered my passion for education and also immersed myself completely in the local Tibetan culture. Surprisingly, I became friends with many local Tibetan Buddhist monks who even gave me a Tibetan name!