Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Alma, Michigan

Olivia Hulme '12

I chose Wellesley because of the outstanding opportunities in the science fields to become involved in research with a professor.

Why did you choose Wellesley?

I chose Wellesley because of the outstanding opportunities in the science fields to become involved in research with a professor. As a chemistry major, I have had the opportunity to work closely with faculty as an integral part of their laboratory group. The strength of departments outside of my anticipated major was also appealing to me. I was excited to take advantage of the “liberal arts” nature of Wellesley.

What has been your most memorable course so far?

My four semesters of Latin combined to be one of the most memorable endeavors here at Wellesley. To get through the pages and pages of translations, my classmates and I would make it fun and collaborative, and with the help of our professor, we all came to actually love Latin.

Can you share an especially Wellesley memory?

My four years on the swimming & diving team have made up my favorite group of memories. I have a family on the team and have learned and grown from my experiences and the women I have had the opportunity to know on the team.

What's your favorite spot on campus?

Lake Waban and the path around it. Even though it is on campus, it seems so removed from academia and is truly a beautiful, peaceful place. The sunsets over the lake are a particular favorite of mine.

How would you say you've changed during your time here?

During my time at Wellesley I have learned, and come to embrace, that as long as I give my best to something, that is the most I can ask of myself. I have become better at recognizing hardships but also at putting my head down and getting through them. You could say that I have developed a stronger sense of self, while at the same time gaining some pride in the work that I do.

Can you say more about research you've done?

The summers after my sophomore and junior years, I did research at Stanford University Medical Center, focusing on exercise physiology and cardiac aging. This experience clarified my future goals for me, while giving me the opportunity to work closely with experts in the field. In addition, I had the chance to design and implement an independent project looking at ventricular remodeling in Division I football players at Stanford.

What advice would you offer to a prospective student?

I think it is really important to keep an open and eager mind when considering colleges. You never know what might strike your interest; I know I was surprised when I realized that Wellesley was the perfect place for me. Visit, get to know some students and professors, and above all, go to some classes. If it feels like the kind of place that you could enjoy and make a home for four years, then come!