Shaina Lu

Major: Classical Civilization
Hometown: San Marino, California

Shaina Lu '12

What is your favorite course thus far?

I’ve enjoyed almost every course that I’ve taken in the Classics Department, so it’s pretty hard for me to pick my favorite – though so far, I’ve really been enjoying my language classes – Latin and Greek.

I also appreciate the class sizes. My Greek 206 class only has three people, so, as a result, we get a lot of individual attention. My Greek teacher is hilarious! In our class of three, she takes roll, and we have to answer in New Zealand accents (a la Flight of the Concords.)

Prof G: Shaina.

Me: Heah!

What are your perspectives on academics?

Wellesley has definitely changed my perspectives on academics. During high school, I focused on the subjects where I did well and avoided like the plague those I hated. Here, I feel more compelled to experiment and to try subjects that I probably would have not liked so much in high school. The classes are more interesting – like Astronomy 108, which I took as a first-year. I got course credit for watching sunsets, stargazing, and experimenting with a huge telescope. Next semester I'll take Geoscience, and I'm really excited to learn about rocks and dinosaurs more than I ever was excited about memorizing the periodic table (though I'm sure it's fun to a certain group of people, just not for this unfortunate Classics major). I never thought that I'd be taking as many science classes – more than zero – as I am now! Learning at a liberal arts college is pretty fun!

What do you do for fun and leisure?

(Who has time for this? Ha, just kidding.) In my (very limited) spare time, I draw comics and publish them on the web! Currently, I'm running two webcomics. I started " Not Enough BBQ ," a strip about girls in nerd culture, right before I started college, and continue to update it. Since I really love computer games, comics, and science-fiction, the comic draws pretty heavily from instances of nerdy life at Wellesley. (My friends and I routinely marathon copious amounts of science-fiction television while studying.)

The second webcomic, " Shaina Reads 1001 Books " catalogs all the books I read for leisure in comic form. I've been reading books off a list called "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die," and I'm currently on Book 107.

I also do freelance art as a side job in addition to the two comics -- I do t-shirt designs, portraits, and flyer designs. Encouraged by a friend here, I also recently picked up photography, and it's really fun. Sometimes I shoot for the Wellesley News – also at her encouragement. She's a very encouraging person.

I'm also in a pretty awesome set of clubs – Classics Club, Sci - Fantasy (pretty self-explanatory names -- we talk about Classics in the former, and Sci-Fi and Fantasy in the latter), and Felding Medieval Society, Wellesley's own Medieval reenactment society, where we make period costumes and hit each other with foam swords!

What is a "first" that you've experienced at Wellesley?

Actually, I'd never had actual seasons before I came here! In Southern California, it's sunny all year round.

Can you share a fun fact about yourself?

On long (read: more than fifteen minutes) car rides, I sing Disney songs (very poorly) at the top of my lungs.

What is your dream job?

Lots of things! I've drawn 18 (give or take; I'm not so great at counting) comics about this.