Laura Yan

Major: History and Middle Eastern Studies
Hometown: Hong Kong

Laura Yan '14

Why did you choose Wellesley?

I didn’t realize that I would fall in love with Wellesley until after I had been accepted; all I knew at the time of applying was that I wanted to attend a liberal arts college. I wasn’t aware of how gorgeous the campus is or how friendly the people are here. All it took to make my decision was the knowledge that I could be part of one of the best intellectual and social environments for women in the world. After that, my decision was clear!

What has been your most memorable class so far?

I am really glad that I chose to study a language from scratch because Arabic has been my favorite class every semester. My classmates and I have grown very close after listening to Arabic Disney songs together and creating crazy skits featuring Justin Bieber.

How about other memorable Wellesley moments? Is there a standout?

There are so many memories to choose from! Every lunch or dinner I have with my friends usually turns into a gigglefest and we’ve definitely had a few spontaneous dance parties in our rooms! 

Can you describe a fun on-campus event you took part in?

Wellesley has so much to offer!  But one of the many fun events I attended would be the Chemistry Cookie party. My fellow chem classmates and I were so excited! We had a countdown leading up to the hour when we could finally immerse ourselves in cookie heaven. It was such a blast, and so very delicious. But never fear! All the departments have an affair of this nature at some point during the year, so you don't need to be in a chem class to partake.  : )

I also have to mention Marathon Monday—it's such a thrill! It’s so much fun to wave our signs and cheer on the runners, which really motivates them. The atmosphere is truly fantastic!

How do you think you've changed during your time at Wellesley?

Since coming to Wellesley, I’ve become much more open to trying new things. I started studying Arabic on a whim, never thinking that I would eventually become a Middle Eastern Studies major, especially because it’s not a very popular subject in Hong Kong. But I decided to pursue what I am truly passionate about and it has been such a great experience so far.

What do you like to do outside of your studies?

I’m currently a member of Dance Collective, which is a modern dance group on campus. We have so much fun together and all our worries stop at the door to the dance studio. We work really hard for our shows but we also have fun rolling around on the floor and talking about possible Disney-themed shows (mostly because we want to choreograph to Mulan’s  I’ll Make a Man out of You ).

What advice would you give a prospective student?

Just explore! If you don’t know what you want to major in, that’s fine, many people don’t. Even if you do know what you want to do for the next 10 years of your life, make sure to take a course that you never ever thought about taking. It’ll be worth it!