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The Playlist:
A continuing series of noble but incomplete attempts
to capture the immensity of all that is Wellesley

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First Day


Check out all of our short (two-minute!) films by category below.


But first we suggest that you start with the videos in "Overture + Some Firsts" immediately below to begin your quick foray into "the immensity of all that is Wellesley."

First Day: The Start of Something Big—our favorite film this time of year!
Overture + Some Firsts at Wellesley
Play: A sort of overture Orgs Fair: You can
sign up right here,
First Year Seminar: It's different in
First Dorm: Beebe: Home is where you brush your teeth and talk for hours
& Recreation
& Faculty
The Vibrant Community
Offic Hours I Got You
The Takeaway: The Tanner Conference: Expect to be amazed Prelude: All that
matters is the music
in front of you
Office Hours: Six professors walk into a tiny video I Got You: We've got your back
Good Work (and<br />
You Can Get It): Nano Boston
Good Work (and 
You Can Get It):

The mighty Center for Work & Service
Get After It: We shoot! We score! Nano: The most attractive (wait—it's a pun) research lab City Song: Boston and Cambridge, beyond words
Passport Two or Three Things I Know About Her Nonstop
Passport: Around the world in 120 seconds Mamaland: Move like this 2 or 3 Things I Know about Her:
New wave in filmmaking
Nonstop: Because "Social Life" sounded a wee bit dry
Work It Practice Nano DJ
Work It: Good work in the wide world Practice: Yes, we are talking about practice Nano: (American Chemical Society remix) We want the airwaves: Music is power