The Playlist: A continuing series of noble but incomplete attempts to capture the immensity of all that is Wellesley


Introducing our two newest films!  They're about women who are roommates at Wellesley: Paige & Gabi (& Fabi) and Mina & Marianna.

For a glimpse into many aspects of life at Wellesley, you can start with Play: A sort of overture (left), or view by category (below), or just randomly explore these short (two minutes or less) films. Enjoy!

Two films about roommates!

There were no scenes, no actors, no scripts; we just talked to the roommates and filmed them doing what they do. Paige & Gabi (& Fabi!) are first-years; Mina and Marianna are seniors; behold the wonder of the process by which they learn to live with each other. 

Roommates: Paige & Gabi (& Fabi): One plus two equals one Roommates: Mina & Marianna: Let's stick together

Some Firsts at Wellesley

First Day
First Day: The Start of Something Big Orgs Fair: You can
sign up right here,
First Year Seminar: It's different in college First Dorm: Beebe: Home is where you brush your teeth and talk for hours
& Recreation
& Faculty
The Vibrant
Offic Hours I Got You
The Takeaway: The Tanner Conference: Expect to be amazed Prelude: All that
matters is the music
in front of you
Office Hours: Six professors walk into a tiny video I Got You: We've got your back
Good Work (and<br />
You Can Get It): Nano Boston
Good Work (and 
You Can Get It):

The mighty Center for Work & Service
Get After It: We shoot! We score! Nano: The most attractive (wait—it's a pun) research lab City Song: Boston and Cambridge, beyond words
Passport Two or Three Things I Know About Her Nonstop
Passport: Around the world in 120 seconds Mamaland: Move like this 2 or 3 Things I Know about Her:
New wave in filmmaking
Nonstop: Because "Social Life" sounded a wee bit dry
Work It Practice Nano DJ
Work It: Good work in the wide world Practice: Yes, we are talking about practice Nano: (American Chemical Society remix) We want the airwaves: Music is power