Senior Student Commencement Speaker

Traditionally, one senior addresses the graduating class and their guests during the Commencement ceremony.  The process for applying to be the senior speaker occurs in the spring, and includes the following general steps: 

1.  Write a speech, about 5 minutes long (2-3 typed pages, double-spaced), sharing your thoughts about your class and your years together at Wellesley. 

2.  Print out your speech and put a cover sheet on it with your name (no name on the speech itself).  Please be sure that your name does not appear in the text itself, but only on the cover sheet.  Submit 8 copies of your speech by the deadline to Kelly Chilson in the Class Deans' office (2nd floor of the Schneider Center, Rm 219).  The deadline is Tuesday, April 4th by noon.

3.  A committee of class council members, some faculty members, and Dean O'Keefe and Dean Garcia will read the speeches anonymously, and will together select finalists to invite to read their speeches out loud.  The committee will then make a final selection, ideally by late April.