Program Elements

What Courses and Programs Does WellesleyPlus Include?

1.  Enhanced Academic Opportunities

Students choosing to accept the invitation to participate in WellesleyPlus will be pre-registered for one of two designated First Year Seminars in the fall semester: PHIL 111 Right and Wrong: Ethics in Action with Professor Corinne Gartner and SOC 137 Reading Sociology: What Literature and Media Teach Us About Social Life with Professor Peggy Levitt.  Both of these seminars will help you learn to work in interdisciplinary ways with a range of materials, important skills for college students.  Both are excellent introductions to College.  Each course earns one unit of Wellesley credit (the same as most other Wellesley courses), and each meets a distribution requirement.  (As you consider these options, see the schedule information here.)

The WellesleyPlus students will also participate in our "Success Seminar", a series of classes designed to teach students the skills of being successful college students.  These sessions will be led by Lori Tenser, Dean of First-Year Students, and Sarah Cooper, the WellesleyPlus program coordinator, with the help of other campus colleagues.  Topics to be covered will include setting good goals for college, learning and teaching styles, time mamagement, using Wellesley's electronic resources, reading and study strategies, working with faculty members, and preparing for exams.  These may seem like simple things, but they are actually things that all college students need to master in order to be successful.  Students will not earn credit for this part of their experience, but will benefit in very tangible ways. You can see the schedule for the Success Seminar here

In the spring, all students will take a First-Year Writing course designed to solidify their grasp of the skills needed for success as a college-level writer.  Two courses have been designated for WellesleyPlus students, allowing their shared academic experience to continue into the spring semester.  WRIT 121 Almost Touching the Sky: Women's Coming of Age Stories is taught by Professor Heather Bryant, and WRIT 164 How the Supreme Court Shapes America: Rights, Responsibilites and More is taught by Professor Lynne Viti.  See the schedule information here

2.  Special Workshops and Internship Opportunities

WellesleyPlus also will include enriching outside-the-classroom activities that will emphasize the importance of collaborative learning in your Wellesley experience.  We open the year with a day-long retreat on campus soon after classes begin.  This is designed to help students set academic and personal goals for the year, hear from others about what it takes to be successful as a college student, and explore some of the possibilities that Wellesley offers.  We do expect all WellesleyPlus students to attend this day, since it lays a foundation for suceess throughout the year. 

In January, we offer an optional one day workshop focusing on starting to make the connection between college and career.  We partner with colleagues in our Career Education to develop skills in searching for jobs, internships, and fellowships, on developing a strong resume and communicating effectively about one's skills and goals, and on learning about personal attributes that are helpful in different career settings.  Participating in this workshop requires returning to campus one day early from the winter break. 

For June, WellesleyPlus students can apply for special shadowing/interning opportunities.  Each student participating will engage with two separate two-week long opportunities within a chosen general field, in order to get a perspective on the range of experiences within that field.  In June 2015, we offered opporunties in health care, local government, law and the court system, and non-profit social service.  Students live together on campus, have weekly meetings to reflect on the experiences they are having, and receive a stipend. 

3. A Supportive Advising Team

At Wellesley, we believe that establishing a relationship in the first year with at least one faculty member is critical to success in college. Mentoring relationships provide support to students as they build on their existing academic strengths, set new goals, and develop new strategies. Students in WellesleyPlus also will work closely during their first year with a designated advising team including connecting with one of four faculty advisors, two First Year Mentors, an Academic Peer Tutor, the Director of the Pforzheimer Learning and Teaching Center, and with the Dean of First-Year Students. Regular meetings with these advisors will assist students in making a successful transition into Wellesley and in connecting to campus resources easily and effectively. These advising meetings will also provide the basis for strong mentoring relationships to develop, particularly with the faculty advisors.

Schedule Information

PHIL 111 meets Mondays and Thursdays, 1:30-2:40 pm in the fall

SOC 137 meets Mondays and Thursdays, 8:30-9:40 am in the fall.

WRIT 121 meets Tuesdays and Fridays, 1:30-2:40 in the spring.

WRIT 164 meets Tuesdays and Fridays, 9:50-11:00 in the spring

The Success Seminar meets weekly on Wednesday from 12:30-2 (lunch provided).  This is a time when classes are not scheduled and so will not interfere with other commitments.  We will start on Wednesday, September 2, and continue into November, when we typically start to meet biweekly as the end of the semester approaches.  We resume with monthly meetings in the spring semester. 
Strong Foundations: we have an annual half-day retreat in September a couple of weeks into the semester to reflect on our initial experiences on campus and to set personal and group goals for the coming year.  This is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 19, and attendance is expected of everyone who is part of WellesleyPlus. 
Reaching New Heights: we have an optional day long workshop at the end of the January wintersession period, covering topics related to thinking about the connections between your college experience and your eventual career plans.  Topics covered include: looking for internships and fellowships, résumé building and writing, and preparing for interviews.  This is tentatively scheduled for Friday, January 22.