General Questions

What is the profile of a typical Albright Fellow?
The Albright Institute will select a diverse group of Fellows. It is the belief of the Institute that Fellows from various disciplines, academic years, social, cultural, and economic backgrounds are required to solve the complex issues that face the international community. Typically, an Albright Fellow will have demonstrated interest in global issues through coursework, internships, organizational involvement or voluntary work. However, the selection committee will consider closely a candidate’s reason for applying to the Institute. 

Can a student participate in the Albright Institute more than once during her time at Wellesley?
No, a different set of students will be chosen each year. 

Application Questions

When will the application for the Albright Institute be available? Where can I find the online application?
Application information for the 2015 Institute will be available at the beginning of the spring semester 2014.

Who is eligible to apply for the Albright Institute? 
The Albright Institute is open to Wellesley College juniors and seniors, with priority given to juniors.

If a student applied to be an Albright Fellow last year and was not accepted, can she apply again?

Will any demographic information that is not requested on the application (i.e., race, religion, etc.) be considered in the selection process? 
No, only the information on the application will be used to select the Albright Fellows. 

Can a student submit more than one letter of recommendation?
No, only one letter will be read by the committee for each student.

Does the letter of recommendation have to come from a person affiliated with Wellesley College?
No, although the selection committee prefers that to be the case.  The letter of recommendation may come from someone outside the College community, such as the supervisor of an internship.  In addition, transfer students should feel free to ask for recommendations from faculty members of the schools they previously attended. All recommendations should be emailed to AlbrightInstitute@wellesley.edu.

Who is on the selection committee that will decide which students to accept as Albright Fellows? 
The selection committee includes the Director and Faculty Director of the Albright Institute, and members of the Wellesley College faculty who will be teaching at the Institute during Wintersession. 

Wintersession Questions

Can I defer participation in Wintersession to the following year?
If a student is accepted as an Albright Fellow and will be participating in a study abroad program whose dates conflict with the Institute dates in January, she can defer Wintersession to the following year. 

If I have a scheduling conflict during the Wintersession course, such as jury duty, am I still eligible? 
In rare cases with pre-approval, absences will be allowed under the most serious circumstances. If an emergency situation arises during Wintersession, you must immediately notify the program director to discuss your situation. 

Is the Albright Institute a for credit course? 
No, the Albright Institute is a certificate course and no credit will be awarded. At the end of the Institute, if a student has completed all assignments and participated appropriately she will receive a certificate of participation. 

Are there any fees associated with participation in the Albright Institute? 
There is no tuition for participation in the Institute, nor are there any fees for housing on campus during Wintersession. However, students are generally responsible for paying for their own meals during the Institute. Dining options on campus will be available. 

What kind of assignments/coursework will there be during Wintersession? 
During the first two weeks of the program, students will be assigned readings and case studies which will provide background information for the daily lectures and discussions. In the first week, students will be grouped into teams, each of which will be responsible for working on a project on a specific global affairs topic. In the third week, the teams will present their plans to the Institute’s Distinguished Visiting Professor(s). 

What time of day will the classes be held during Wintersession? 
The classes during Wintersession will generally take place from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM each day. However, there will also be assigned readings and group work that will happen in the afternoons and evenings, so the Institute will be a full time commitment during those three weeks. 

Do students have to live on campus during Wintersession?
All full-time residential students must live on campus, and Albright Fellows are housed in the same dorm. 

Internships Questions

Are there guaranteed internship placements for Albright Fellows?
No, students are responsible for identifying and securing internships themselves. The CWS internships team is available to work with students throughout the process. 

Does a student need to have a specific internship in mind at the time she files her application? 
No, the internship component of the Institute will not be considered during the selection process. Students who are selected as Albright Fellows will work with the CWS internships team to find an internship after Wintersession. 

Does an Albright Fellow have to apply to the Tanner Conference or is she automatically accepted? 
Fellows must write an abstract and submit an application for the Tanner Conference, either individually or in groups. 


Can Albright Fellows participate in the Wellesley in Washington program in order to complete the internship component?

No, Albright Fellows are not eligible for Wellesley in Washington.  They will instead receive internship funding through the Albright Institute.

For additional information contact AlbrightInstitute@wellesley.edu.