Beijing Session 2013

American and Chinese students laugh together in Beijing

The academic program for the Wellesley/Peking University partnership followed the Albright Institute's innovative pedagogical model.

Kicking off the first partnership of Wellesley's Women World Partners initiative, 40 young women—20 from Wellesley and 20 from Peking University—gathered in Beijing in June 2013. They worked with faculty from both institutions, leading practitioners with “in the field” perspectives, and international thought leaders to examine some of the ethical, environmental, and economic challenges of worldwide urbanization. Together they explored issues such as inequality, wildlife preservation, and food scarcity—joining perspectives from their disciplines, including economics, environmental science, and political science, as well as from their respective cultures.

Another such academic program will take place on Wellesley's campus in the summer of 2014.

Read more about the partnership and the larger initiative at the Women World Partners website.


Beijing Session 2013 Talks