Alumnae Achievement Awards


Recognizing alumnae who have brought honor to themselves and to Wellesley College through their outstanding achievements.

2014 Alumnae Achievement Awards

The Achievement Awards, which have been presented annually since 1970, are the highest honor given to Wellesley alumnae. Thursday evening, February 27th, the 2014 awards were presented to the two recipients in front of students, alums, faculty, staff, and loved ones at Wellesley’s Diana Chapman Walsh Alumnae Hall. Watch the recording now.

The 2015 Achievement Awards will be presented on February 12, 2015.

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C. Tracy OrleansC. Tracy Orleans ’70
Behavioral Scientist, Public Health Advocate

C. Tracy Orleans '70 is a nationally recognized expert and leader in behavioral medicine. She has tackled many public health issues, with the key areas of her life's work being tobacco control and the prevention of childhood obesity. In a discipline that has only been recently recognized for its importance in improving public health, Orleans is considered a gifted leader who has advanced the field. Her work has focused on improving the health behaviors of populations at disproportionate risk, including the poor, the less educated, minorities, and the elderly. 

Eva Sommaripa ’63
Organic Farmer, Champion of Sustainable Living

Eva Sommaripa '63 has been a pioneer in the food world as a purveyor of healthy organic greens and sustainable lifestyles. Her organic herb garden, aptly named Eva’s Garden, has been supplying New England chefs with fresh herbs and greens for more than 40 years. Since the start of her garden, Sommaripa has served as an exemplar for the local food movement – long before it became trendy. In fact, she does not follow trends; she creates them. 




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