Got questions about reunion? We've got answers!

Please click on the questions below for answers to the most commonly asked questions about reunion. If you have a question that isn't addressed, contact us at reunionquestions@wellesley.edu.

Where to Stay, and other questions about housing

Where can I stay?

On-campus accommodations are available for $60 per bed per night; you may reserve an on-campus room when you register for reunion.

If you prefer to stay off-campus, we have arranged for a block of rooms available at a reduced rate at the Crowne Plaza Natick Hotel. Limited transportation will be available between the Crowne Plaza and campus during reunion weekend. You can view more information about the Crowne Plaza, as well as a list of other area hotels, at the hotels page.

What are the on-campus accommodations like?

On-campus accommodations are in residence halls that are used by students during the year. Staying on campus is a great way to relive your Wellesley experience!

You may request a single room when you register for reunion (we cannot guarantee single rooms); otherwise you will be paired with 1-2 other alumnae in your class year to share a room. Bathrooms are shared and located a short walk down the hall.

Your room will be provided with a towel and linens for the bed. The dorms are not air conditioned; you may wish to bring a fan for warm nights.

What dorms are available? May I request a specific dorm?

Each class has been assigned a dorm for its reunion activity headquarters. You will be housed in the dorm assigned to your class if possible. If your class dorm headquarters is full, you will be assigned a room in a nearby dorm. Your reunion headquarters dorm is listed on your class's schedule and registration form.

I requested a single room - can you guarantee I will get one?

You will receive your housing assignment when you arrive on campus. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee single rooms ahead of time unless the request is necessary due to a medical condition. However, we are usually able to accommodate most requests, especially those submitted early in the registration process.

If you require a single room due to a medical condition, please contact us at reunionquestions@wellesley.edu .

Can I stay on campus Thursday or Sunday night?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer on-campus housing on Thursday or Sunday night. If your travel plans require you to arrive early or leave later, we recommend reserving a room at a local hotel. Please visit our hotels page for more hotel information.

Is transportation available to campus from area hotels?

Limited transportation will be available between campus and the Crowne Plaza Natick Hotel. We do not provide transportation to or from other hotels.

Can I stay at the College Club for reunion?

The College Club has been reserved for members of the classes of 1932, 1937, and 1942. If you are a member of one of these classes, you may reserve your room at the College Club by registering for reunion - there is no need to call the College Club separately.

If you are not a member of the classes listed above, you will not be able to stay at the College Club.

How to get here

Can you give me driving directions to Wellesley?

Driving directions to the college are available here .

Where can I park on campus?

Parking will be available in several locations across campus. Signs and/or parking attendants will direct you to the most convenient available lot when you arrive.

How can I get to Wellesley without a car?

There are several ways to get to campus without a car, including public transportation, shared van service, and taxi or livery service. Please visit our travel page for more information.

Can I arrange a ride to reunion with another alumna?

Yes! We've set up a discussion group for alumnae interested in sharing rides to and from reunion. Please join the group and post a message today!

I will be arriving on campus late on Friday evening. What should I do?

We request that you plan to arrive on campus for reunion by 10 p.m. However, we understand that delays are sometimes unavoidable. If you are delayed and will arrive on campus after 10 p.m., call us at 781-283-2321 in advance if at all possible. When you arrive on campus, go directly to your class headquarters residence hall and check in with your residence hostess. If the residence hall is locked, follow the instructions posted on the blue telephone box posted outside the residence hall door.

What to pack

What should I wear to reunion?

In general, reunion is casual, though dress may vary with individual class activities. Your Saturday class dinner may be dressier than the rest of the weekend - check your class schedule and/or registration form for more details.

As you may remember from your days at Wellesley, New England weather can be unpredictable! Even if the weather is warm during the day, you should pack a sweater, shawl, or jacket for the evening. It is a good idea to bring clothes for a variety of weather conditions - rain, sun, cool evenings or hot days. And don't forget to pack a white outfit for the parade!

Can I bring my laptop to reunion? Can I check my email?

If you are staying on campus, we strongly discourage bringing laptops or other valuables; while the dorm entrance is monitored by students, your room will not be locked. The Alumnae Association cannot be responsible for lost or stolen valuables.

Computers with internet access will be available for your use during limited hours on Friday and Saturday in the Knapp Media & Technology Center in Clapp Library.


How do I register for reunion?

You may register online here. We strongly encourage online registration! We accept payment online by credit card; VISA and Mastercard are accepted.

If you prefer to register by mail or pay by check, please fill out the registration form that has been mailed to you and mail it to the address noted on the form. If you have not received your registration form, you can download and print a copy on your class page .

Can I bring my spouse/child/friend to reunion?

Absolutely! Guests of alumnae are welcome to attend reunion and most reunion events. There is space to indicate numbers attending, as well as guest name(s) for name tags, on your registration form. Guests must register, and pay the registration fee, in order to attend any reunion events (except for memorial services). Some events may be limited to a certain number of guests or limited by age; these are noted on the registration form.

I cannot log in to the site to register - please help!

You will need to register for and log in to the Alumnae Online Community in order to register for reunion.

If you have already registered for the Online Community but have forgotten your password, you may fill out the password retrieval form to request a password reminder.

If you have not already registered for the Online Community, instructions on how to register for reunion, including your personal security information, were included at the bottom of the email invitation you may have received. Please check this email for detailed instructions.

If you did not receive this email or if you require further assistance, please fill out this form or email techadmin@alum.wellesley.edu . Please allow 1-2 business days for a reply.

How much does reunion cost?

The registration fee is $40 for alumnae and guests registering on or before April 19. After April 19, registration increases to $60. The registration fee for children is $10 before April 19 and $15 after.

Housing and meals are charged separately. If you are staying on campus, housing is $60 per bed per night (regardless of whether you opt for a single or shared room). The cost of meals varies by meal, and may be different for each class year; please refer to your registration form for more details.

All other reunion activities are included in your registration fee.

Alumnae attending their 60th reunion or greater are honored guests of the alumnae association; there is no registration fee for members of these classes, and some housing and meals may be available at no charge as well, depending on class year. Guests of these classes may register at no cost, but are charged for meals and housing. Details are available on your registration form.

There is an error in my registration. What should I do?

Please contact us at reunionregistrations@wellesley.edu , or by phone at 781-283-2321 M-F, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

How can I modify or cancel my registration? Can I receive a refund?

Please contact us at reunionregistrations@wellesley.edu , or by phone at 781-283-2321 M-F, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm. We do not store credit card information in our systems; if you are making a modification to a reservation that involves any change to your total owed (including reductions in the total owed), we will need to speak with you to obtain your credit card information. For security reasons, please do not email your credit card information. We do not need credit card information for cancellations, or for modifications that do not result in a change to the total owed.

Your registration fee is not refundable except in the case of medical emergencies. Other fees (meals and housing) may be refundable; please contact us as soon as possible so that we can process your request.

No refunds will be made after the May 17 registration deadline except for medical emergencies.

My guest would like to attend just one activity. Do I still have to pay the registration fee for him/her?

Yes. All guests must register no matter how much of reunion they are attending.

If a family member of a deceased classmate would like to attend a scheduled class memorial service (but no other reunion activities) they do not need to pay the registration fee. However, we do ask that they RSVP if possible. Please contact us at reunionquestions@wellesley.edu.

Which of my classmates will be attending reunion?

You can view a list of who is attending on your class reunion page .

Disability accommodations

I have mobility issues. Will I be able to participate in all reunion activities?

We make every effort to ensure all alumnae can enjoy reunion regardless of disabilities. If you have a mobility issue, please inform us of your needs at least 2 weeks in advance at reunionquestions@wellesley.edu or 781-283-2321 so that we may ensure there are accommodations in place to meet your needs.

Are buildings on campus handicapped accessible? 

Most buildings are at least partially handicapped accessible, though some areas may not be accessible. You can view a map of accessible pathways and reserved parking spaces on campus here . If you have specific questions or concerns, contact us at reunionquestions@wellesley.edu .

What disability accommodations are available for alumnae staying on campus for reunion?

Alumnae with mobility issues are given first priority for rooms that meet their requirements. Please inform us of your needs at reunionquestions@wellesley.edu or 781-283-2321. If you require individual assistance, we recommend that you bring a companion with you to reunion.

I cannot walk the length of the parade route; will I still be able to participate?

Yes! Cars or other transportation will be available along the parade route for those who are unable to walk. We regret that we cannot provide specific details of the accommodations at this time. However, if you have notified us of your needs in advance, we will ensure you can participate. Contact us at reunionquestions@wellesley.edu or 781-283-2321.

Reunion weekend activities

What happens during the parade?

The alumnae parade is the most exciting part of reunion! During the parade, all reunion classes come together to show their Wellesley spirit and celebrate Wellesley.

The parade happens on Sunday morning immediately following the multifaith worship service in Houghton Chapel. Each class, wearing white outfits and their class insignia, lines up at a designated spot. Once the parade starts, classes parade through campus while being cheered on by guests and their fellow Wellesley alumnae. At the end of the parade, each class pauses to perform their class cheer before the President of the college.

Which classes ride in the antique cars in the parade?

The oldest classes attending reunion have the honor of riding in special antique cars during the parade! Space in the antique cars is limited and priority is given to the oldest alumnae. We cannot guarantee space for any specific class. If space is not available in an antique car, other cars or alternate transportation will be available; and of course if you prefer to walk, you may!

Will the Greenhouses/Observatory/other buildings be open during reunion?

Many campus buildings and offices, including the Greenhouses and the Observatory, are open during limited hours for tours and visitors during reunion. More information is available on the schedule page and the offices and points of interest pages. Full details will be available in your reunion schedule, which you will receive when you arrive at reunion.

What movie will be shown at the Saturday night children's pizza party?

We are unable to announce the movie in advance. The movie will be selected based on the ages of the children who will be attending, and will be appropriate for ages six and up. We try to select a movie that will appeal to a broad range of ages. Previous choices have included Toy Story and Finding Nemo .

My child is too young for the pizza party on Saturday night. Can I hire a student to babysit/is there any other childcare available?

All students remaining on campus for reunion weekend are working for reunion, and will not be available to babysit. Classmates in the area may be able to recommend a local babysitter. Alternately, you may contact a childcare service. We can recommend two services: Parents in a Pinch (617-739-5437) or Nanny Poppins (617-697-0052). Both are licensed and bonded.

My daughter is interested in attending Wellesley. Can she speak with an admission counsellor or take a tour during reunion?

To schedule an interview for a prospective student, call the Admission office at 781-283-2270 at least two weeks before reunion. Regularly scheduled tours will be available for prospective students and parents on Friday and Saturday morning.

Other Questions

If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us at reunionquestions@wellesley.edu, or call us at 781-283-2321

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